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The party continued forward and made it towards their second destination before sundown, much to Catcher’s relief. The party slowly made their way up the mountain path, taking their time as to not make any faulty foot choices. Castlemaster and Shroudmarch were used to traveling on steep mountain paths, but they took their caution anyways. This wasn’t familiar territory, and with the amount of snow melt that was already happening the larger of the Pokémon was a little weary about the path’s stability. Weighing in at a good 800-900 pounds, Castlemaster wasn’t fond of anything less than stable stone. Blacknail took the head though, scouting the trail in front of them for any signs of danger. Catcher followed up behind the chimera with Castlemaster, and behind her trailed Shroudmarch and Oblivion. Accursedchampion drifted overhead, scouting from above.
The sun was starting to go down, but Catcher could still make out the shape of the shrine down in the valley below. The sun had moved off of it, but the multicolored ribbons still fluttered in the breeze generated by the rapidly flowing water. She could only wonder who had built a shrine like that, why, and how. River god or not, it seemed like an absurd place to build a shrine if you wanted people to visit it. Catcher looked ahead again, shifting her position on the back of her mount. Castlemaster tilted his head, letting out a gruff snort as if to ask what was going on. His trainer reached out and gave the iron beast a pat on the head. “Nothing. Just baffled by this quest is all. The quicker we get it done, the happier I’ll be, but you know that already,” she said, moving to scratch at the softer bits around his neck. The Aggron/Tyrantrum gave a happy grumble along with a slight nod of his head. A bark from Blacknail drew Catcher’s attention to the task at hand again. The chimera was darting up the hill towards a wall of stone, and Accursedchampion was drifting downwards to join her.
“Looks like Blacknail found something,” Catcher said, urging Castlemaster to pick up the pace a little. The steel Pokémon snorted, but started to move a little faster to catch up to the other Pokémon. Oblivion tilted his head, and pushed Shroudmarch forward as well.  Blacknail had trotted up to a door carved into the face of the stone, and was sitting in front of it in wait for the others. Castlemaster slowed down as they approached, before coming to a stop a few feet from the door. Catcher looked around, before she slid off the back of her mount. Oblivion stopped Shroudmarch a few feet back, weary. Catcher glanced back at him, before walking up to the door. This must have been the place she was sent to. A sign a little ways back said this was the right area, but Catcher checked the map first. No, this seemed like the correct area. She eyed the door. It was well worn, with engravings she didn’t recognize. A tarnished brass ring hung in the center. Catcher took a step back to examine the area. It was rocky face of a cliff, otherwise uninteresting by comparison. Snow piled up at the base, lichen grew across the rocks, cracks zigzagged the face of the rock and small patches of grass grew where it could find a foothold. Catcher doubted she would have seen the door if she didn’t know where to look; it was relatively nondescript, and nothing about the area besides the flat door itself stood out. Catcher took a deep breath, before stretching her hand out to pull on the ring.
Her hand hadn’t even touched it when it swung soundlessly open. Catcher jumped back, throwing her hand to the sword on her belt defensively. Blacknail and Accursedchampion jumped back as well, ready to attack if needed. A figure stood behind the door, and Catcher instinctively drew her sword and fell into a defensive stance. Blacknail’s hackles rose, and the chimera hissed and slowly backed away to guard Catcher. Castlemaster even took up an aggressive stance a few feet behind Catcher, letting out a low, rumbling growl of warning to… whoever this was behind the door. For a brief moment, there was silence. Neither party moved or made a sound, staring each other down tensely before at last the shadowy figure before them took a step forward. Catcher took a step back in response, raising her sword slightly. The other slowly reached up, before pushing back their hood.
No, this person did not seem like an enemy. She was some sort of fae blood Catcher figured, based on her glowing eyes, but the fact that she did not seem hostile or seem like she had any weapon caused Catcher to relax. Blacknail stopped growling as well, but still seemed tense.
Catcher opened her mouth to say something, but the other woman spoke first.
“So the Northern River’s chosen cannot find her patron? How very unusual… But then, there is much unusual these days…” she trailed off, before turning and beckoning for Catcher to follow her inside. Catcher lowered her sword, looking to her Pokémon before returning the blade to its sheath.
“You’ll have to wait out here,” she said to Castlemaster, reaching up to give the large Pokémon a pat on the nose. Her gaze moved to Oblivion, who had not moved from his spot. Catcher frowned, before turning towards the door again.
The woman hadn’t moved past it and was leaning out, having followed Catcher’s gaze. “Your friend is welcome inside too,” she said simply, before turning to go inside.
Catcher glanced back to Oblivion again, making a motion for him to follow. The legendary hesitated, shifting back on Shroudmarch before the goat started to walk forward. He pulled on the reigns, trying to keep the goat from moving forward but to no avail. Shroudmarch (awkwardly) continued forward, snorting in irritation as Oblivion pulled his face back to try to stop him. The Gogoat finally made it in to where Castlemaster was, and he flopped down onto his belly before rolling onto his side so Oblivion would have to get off of him. Oblivion grunted, stumbling awkwardly off of the goat before trying to fix his cloak. He gave Shroudmarch a stink eye as the goat lazily rolled on the ground.
[Fine.] He grunted, making sure his hood was pulled down over his face.
“Let’s go. You’ll be fine,” Catcher said, turning to finally walk inside. Oblivion folded his arms in mild irritation, but trailed after her. Blacknail and Accursedchampion followed after, leaving the two large Pokémon outside.
Inside of the mountain dusty, but well carved. Catcher admired it, following after the mysterious woman silently. It was unnervingly empty and devoid of other decorations though, which Catcher found strange. The woman led the small party to an antechamber with a low burning brazier. Catcher looked around the room, before turning her attention back to the woman.
In the brief moments she had looked away, the other had picked up an old leather bound book.
[That must be what we are here for.] Oblivion said to Catcher, observing it from under his cloak. Catcher gave a slight nod to him in reply, straightening herself out a little before the woman spoke.
“I am Elian, and I can help you and the River’s Queen,” she said with a nod of her head.
Catcher let out a sigh of relief. “My name is Catcher. I am one of the two leaders of the kingdom of Bleakfield, to the south. And this,” she made a motion to the Deoxys beside her, “is Oblivion, my companion.”
Oblivion gave a slight nod of his head, but did little more. He was anxious as it was. Blacknail and Accursedchampion shifted anxiously as well, eyeing the area around them.
Elain bowed her head slightly at each of their names. “Ah, I see the Queen has some help. How kind of other countries to reach out there hands in such a strange incident,” she mused.
Catcher fought hard not to roll her eyes or grunt in irritation. The dark haired woman took a step forward, reaching a hand out. “I take it that books is the one we need. I can imagine you are well aware that this is a pressing matter and that the sooner we leave with this and take it to where it’s needed the better…” Catcher began, but Elain took a step back and tilted the book away from her with a small smile. Catcher furrowed her brow in confusion, before raising an eyebrow.
“All help comes with a price. It has been a long time since I ventured from my home. Tell me a story of your… Realms. I am curious to know what has transpired in my absence,” Elain said, the smile lingering on her lips.
Catcher pulled back in slight confusion, throwing a glance to Oblivion. The Deoxys shrugged.
[A story will not hurt you. Give her what she wants and we will get what we want.] He said simply. Catcher left out a puff of air, before returning to a more relaxed stance.
“Mmm… a story of what has been happening in the realms…?” She said, reaching a hand up to scratch her head in thought. “Well…”
The wind was sharp, not as sharp as the winter wind but it still held its bite. The snow was still heavy on the mountain, but the first signs of flowers were already starting to poke up in places where it was thin. Spring was moving in, but still the land was frigid and difficult to navigate.
It was like home to Lady and Catcher. The two of them had finally finished the required paperwork and proven themselves to what had once been the central powers of the Realms, and after several months of scouting they had finally chosen their home, what would be the heart of their kingdom.
The mountain they would come to call Bleakfield, the name that would extend to all of their domain, was a tall, wide and sloping spire that reached up above all the other mountains in its range. A past eruption had left a gargantuan hole in the side of the mountain, which sloped down into a manageable field in which plants had since flourished in. The high alpine meadow that Lady and Catcher had agreed to build their main castle on was surrounded on the on the other sides by steep, sheer mountain walls. The open side they would build on gave them a grand view of their kingdom, but for the better or worse it did not shelter them from storms very well. It faced the end of the peninsula, and as such their face of the mountain was frequently hit with the storms that rolled in from the coast.
Lady and Catcher were not perturbed though. They were used to the frigid blizzards of mountains, to the dangers of avalanches and living in a high altitude area. It was like home, and Lady and Catcher thought that it would be the best place to build their castle.
While a majority of their small army and followers had already begun to create a base camp in the meadow below, Catcher and Lady had other things to do.
The two carefully made their way up the ridge of the mountain, trying to climb their way to the highest point they could reach. The two were bundled tightly in furs, hair pulled up so it wouldn’t catch in the snow. Eternalshadow walked in front of them, trying to scout out a path for them. Celestialfire circled overhead, watching her trainer and her trainer’s sister in case either slipped and fell. Roseshed toddled at Lady’s heels, while Envyconfession followed after Catcher. Catcher held Bleakfield’s banner over one shoulder, gripping the worn fabric tightly as they trudged towards the top.
Lady stumbled up a few rocks, before putting her hands on her knees to catch her breath. Roseshed chirped at her trainer, looking back at Catcher in slight worry. Catcher used the banner’s pole to help herself get up a steep patch, before she caught up to Lady. Envyconfession plopped himself down at the base of the banner, stretching his small wings out.
“You alright?” Catcher asked, panting a bit. Lady took a few deep breaths, before nodding her head.
“Just tired…” she gasped, closing her eyes tightly. Catcher jabbed the banner into the ground, using it to lean against. “I just need a few moments to catch my breath is all…”
Catcher nodded, surveying the land below them. Far down below, she could make out the specks of people setting up camp and beginning to plan out their castle. Celestailfire continued to circle above, drifting on thermals from the rocks below. Eternalshadow had sat down for a rest as well, a few feet up the ridge.
The sun still hung in the air, but was slowly starting its decent down the sky. Clouds covered part of the world below them, but in patches it was cleared up enough so they could faintly make out the land that was no part of their Kingdom. The wind blew in a few strong gusts, before dying down again. Catcher turned her gaze back to her sister. Lady was trying to take deep breaths, clearly having a hard time with the dangerous and steep ascent of the mountain’s peak. Roseshed waited beside her trainer, nuzzling into her leg in reassurance and worry. Catcher pursed her lips, before returning her stare to the world past the mountain. Envyconfession tilted his head up at his trainer, but said nothing to her.
“…We’ve come a long ways, huh?” Catcher said softly. Lady looked up in surprise, raising her head a little from where she had been. She turned her head to look out over the mountain range below.
“…Yeah… it has…” Lady gave a soft exhale, trembling slightly. “To be honest… I wasn’t sure if we’d ever make it here… you know…?”
Catcher nodded in agreement, watching the clouds slowly roll by below. “Hey… we’re almost at the top though. Then Celestialfire can fly you back down, alright?” She said, not moving her gaze.
Lady furrowed her brow, before trying to straighten herself out. “I-I can do it. I can walk back down,” she said, gripping the hem of her habit tightly in her pale hands.
A frown pulled at Catcher’s lips, but she stopped it. “The last thing we need to do is to have you hurt yourself on the first day of having a kingdom, Lady,” she said, finally looking back to her sister.
Lady stared back at Catcher, brow furrowed. Her lavender eyes had a hard, frustrated look. Catcher stared back, before reaching out and putting a hand on Lady’s shoulder. “I’m proud of you for making it this far, Lady.”
Lady blinked, surprised. She quickly shifted her eyes to the snowy ground below, before looking away altogether.
“…Thank you,” she said quietly, staring off at the clouds somewhere out on the horizon.
Catcher gave Lady a nod, before shifting to pull the banner back onto her back. “You ready to keep moving?” She asked.
Lady gave a weak smile, before nodding. “Let’s go,” she said, straightening herself out before she started to walk forward again.
Catcher smile slightly once her sister had turned her back, and she pushed on with her.
They made it to the summit before the sun had set. Together, the twins drove the pole into the frigid rocks at the peak of the mountain, where they hoped the banner would remain for as long as they ruled over the land.
The two sat there upon the rocks and watched the sun set into the sea of clouds. They were quiet, simply enjoying the beauty and contemplating on the journey ahead of them. At last, Lady returned to their base camp with Celestailfire’s help, and Catcher walked back with the rest of the Pokémon.
She wondered how long things would stay that peaceful.
Catcher leaned back a bit, seemingly a little embarrassed by such a boring soft hearted tale. It wasn’t interesting and it was such a minor glance at the world, but it was the first thing that had come to her mind. She waited in silence for a moment, anxiously waiting to see if the story was enough to appease the strange woman in front of her. Blacknail and Accursedchampion stared up at their trainer, both huddled close to her. Oblivion was quiet, though Catcher could tell that he seemed… please? Something like that, she felt. She couldn’t put an exact word on it.
Elian slowly nodded her head, before giving Catcher a soft smile. She extended the book out to Catcher. “You seem to be on a good path,” she said simply.
Catcher carefully took the book from Elian, turning the time worn tome in her hands, before she gave the other woman a bow of her head. “Thank you.”
Elian nodded, before making a hand gesture to Catcher. “You should go now, like you said, time is ticking isn’t it?” She said with a smile.
Catcher nodded, before turning away. “Thank you again for your help. Hopefully this will help the queen,” she said, before she stepped back in the direction they had come. Oblivion, Blacknail and Accursedchampion followed her outside to where Castlemaster and Shroudmarch were waiting. The Gogoat hadn’t bothered to get up since they had left, but Castlemaster still stood waiting for his trainer to return. The large Pokémon gave a very slight tail wag to see that Catcher returned out of the strange mountainside doorway. The door closed behind them, and the party was left once more to their own devices.
Catcher dropped down onto a rock, setting the book in her lap. “Let’s look and see what’s so important about this book, huh?”
Accursedchampion hopped onto her shoulders, peering over in curiosity. Blacknail flopped beside her, and the two larger mount Pokémon watched from their places. Even Oblivion came over to look, leaning over to watch. Catcher carefully opened up the book, and began to flip through the worn pages.
Nothing. Nothing that Catcher could even begin to identify or understand. The woman furrowed her brow, starting to flip harder and quicker through the pages. None of it made any sense to her. Catch slammed the book closed and leaned back, letting out a sigh of frustration. Blacknail nuzzled her face into her trainer’s arm in reassurance, sensing her trainer’s distraught.
“This just gets worse and worse,” Catcher groaned, flopping all the way back and into the snow. Accursedchampion hopped off of her, letting out a chirp as he avoided getting smashed under his trainer. She sighed in irritation, letting out a puff of cold air into the sky above her. Oblivion took a step forward, looming over Catcher. The Deoxys seemed less then amused by Catcher’s pouting. She stared up at him, staring rather vacantly up.
[Throwing a tantrum isn’t going to get this finished any faster. And it isn’t very becoming of you, either.] He said simply.
Catcher rolled her eyes, reaching out with a hand to pick up a handful of snow. She tossed it at the Deoxys, where it bounced harmlessly off of his jacket. Oblivion leaned back, before walking over to Shroudmarch. Shroudmarch got up, shaking dirt and snow out of his fur before letting Oblivion climb up again.
Catcher finally sat up with a grunt. Accursedchampion and Blacknail sat and stared at her, waiting for her to… well, do anything. Blacknail glanced back over her shoulder at Shroudmarch and Oblivion, who were already starting to make their way back down the mountain. Castlemaster gave a chuff, shifting impatiently for Catcher to get up. She brushed her hair back with a sigh, before she got back to her feet. The woman brushed snow off of the book, before noticing something. A ribbon flapped in the wind gently, one that looked like it had belonged on the shrine down below. Her brow furrowed as she walked over to Castlemaster, not even looking up from the book and the ribbon as she did so. Carefully she pulled the ribbon out of the pages, turning it in her hand as she examined it. It was a faded purple at either end that had been sticking out of the book, but the middle section retained a bit more of its color thanks to the protection of the book. Catcher looked up, glancing out towards the shrine in the middle of the rapids. Castlemaster tilted his head, breathing out a cloud from his nostrils. Catcher looked back to her mount, before tucking the ribbon into her jacket. She clambered up the back of the iron dinosaur, putting the book away in one of the bags mounted to Castlemaster’s back. Castlemaster gave a low rumble of curiosity.
“Follow after Oblivion,” she said simply, digging her heels into the monster’s side. The chimera grunted, before starting to follow after Shroudmarch and Oblivion. Accursedchampion hopped up onto Castlemaster, hanging onto the baggage to keep an eye on the book. Blacknail bounded down the trail so she could let Oblivion know Catcher was finally coming along. As they walked, Catcher turned the ribbon in her hands in thought. Over the cliff edge she could still make out the shape of the shrine in the quickly fading light. The sun had finally disappeared down over the horizon, but light still lingered in the sky. By the time they reached the base of the mountain and the river itself, it would undoubtedly be dark. She pursed her lips in thought, until it was broken by Oblivion.
[Are you going to tie it on the shrine?] He asked simply. Catcher snapped out of her thoughts, looking ahead. Castlemaster had caught up to Shroudmarch, following behind the Gogoat carefully. Oblivion hadn’t even glanced back, keeping his focus on the trail in front of them.
“I’m thinking about it,” she said.
Oblivion gave a low hum of thought. [And how do you plan on doing that?]
Catcher shrugged. “Swim. Maybe take Castlemaster across,” she said.
Oblivion glanced over the edge at the rapids. [I don’t advise swimming that, Catcher. Especially with night rapidly approaching. If you don’t drown, you’ll freeze to death.]
Catcher grunted. “You up for fording that, Castlemaster?” she asked, giving the Pokémon a firm pat on the neck. Castlemaster chuffed again.
[If you want to do it, he will try his best to get you there.] Oblivion relayed.
“Can’t you just fly out and tie it to the shrine?” Catcher asked, glancing at him.
Oblivion shrugged. [I could, but this isn’t my mission.]
Catcher rolled her eyes again. “Fine. Be that way,” she grumbled.
Darkness had rolled in by the time they had gotten down to the bottom and to the base of the river. The moon provided some light, but not much. Catcher unloaded Castlemaster’s gear, leaving it safe on the shore before the two of them tried to cross the river. Accursedchampion circled over the river, ready to keep watch in case Catcher was swept off of her mount’s back. Blacknail waited by the river as well, pacing anxiously. She didn’t like the idea of Catcher trying to tie the ribbon on the statue. Oblivion waited on Shroudmarch’s back, watching as well.
With a deep breath, Catcher pushed Castlemaster forward into the river. The large Pokémon carefully took a step in, finding his footing on the rocky ground below the waves before he began to slowly wade in. The water wasn’t too deep though since it was a rapid, and Castlemaster kept his footing steady. With more ease then she thought, they managed to reach the shrine. Catcher hopped off of the back of her Pokémon, before clambering onto the shrine. Cold water sprayed and splashed up around her as she leaned forward to tie the faded ribbon onto the statue. Once it was tight and secure around the Suicune’s tail, Catcher pulled back. She looked the statue over, letting out a slow exhale.
“I hope this isn’t all a snipe hunt,” she muttered, before turning to get back onto Castlemaster.
The party would camp there for the night, and be on their way by morning.
Item Usage: Lucky Coin

Word Count:
Correct Grammar/Spelling? Yes
Overwriting Bonus? Yes (x3)

PR: Oblivion | Shiny Deoxys: 4,066 [Major]
PR: Castlemaster, the Empty | Aggron/Tyrantrum:  4,066 [Major]
PR: Shroudmarch, the Ever-Traveling | Dark/Ground Gogoat:  4,066 [Major]
PR: Blacknail, the Idol | Ice Eevee/Absol:  4,066 [Major]
PR: Accursedchampion, the Dire | Deviant Dragon+ Noibat:  4,066 [Major]
Catcher | PC:  4,066 [Major]
Elian | PC: 1213 [Minor] | Quest PC

Lady | Leader: 1,129 [Minor / Flash Back]
PR: Celestialfire, the Sky Queen | Deviant Swanna: 1,129 [Minor / Flash Back]
PR: Mythshadow, the Eternal Nightmare | Shiny Pyroar: 1,129 [Minor / Flash Back]
PR: Roseshed, the Overture | [[Eevee]]: 1,129 [Minor / Flash Back]
PR: Envyconfession, the Grudgeful | [[Bagon/Sigilyph]]: 1,129 [Minor / Flash Back]

Prayer: NebulaFrog
Tag Being Used: Faded Ribbon
Legendary: Suicune
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"Word Count: 4066, Leader

Oblivion gained 30 HP, 49 Attack, 21 Defense, 24 Sp. Attack, 49 Sp. Defense, 45 Speed.
Oblivion has earned 218 stat points! Oblivion gained 43 levels!

Word Count: 4066, Leader

Castlemaster gained 91 HP, 25 Attack, 21 Defense, 28 Sp. Attack, 31 Sp. Defense, 37 Speed.
Castlemaster has earned 233 stat points! Castlemaster gained 46 levels!

Word Count: 4066, Leader

Shroudmarch gained 63 HP, 19 Attack, 33 Defense, 30 Sp. Attack, 56 Sp. Defense, 20 Speed.
Shroudmarch has earned 221 stat points! Shroudmarch gained 44 levels!

Word Count: 4066, Leader

Blacknail gained 60 HP, 30 Attack, 42 Defense, 42 Sp. Attack, 31 Sp. Defense, 22 Speed.
Blacknail has earned 227 stat points! Blacknail gained 45 levels!

Word Count: 4066, Leader

Accursedchampion gained 75 HP, 25 Attack, 23 Defense, 35 Sp. Attack, 45 Sp. Defense, 44 Speed.
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Word Count: 4066, Leader

Pokemon of Choice (Catcher) gained 47 HP, 47 Attack, 37 Defense, 47 Sp. Attack, 30 Sp. Defense, 16 Speed.
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Word Count: 1213, Leader

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Word Count: 1129, Leader

Celestialfire gained 13 HP, 4 Defense, 9 Speed.
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Word Count: 1129, Leader

Mythshadow gained 3 HP, 8 Attack, 10 Sp. Attack, 7 Speed.
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Word Count: 1129, Leader

Roseshed gained 15 HP, 12 Attack, 8 Defense.
Roseshed has earned 35 stat points! Roseshed gained 7 levels!

Word Count: 1129, Leader

Envyconfession gained 7 HP, 3 Attack, 15 Defense, 2 Sp. Defense.
Envyconfession has earned 27 stat points! Envyconfession gained 5 levels!

Trainer earned 1929 Trinities."                                                   

                       You gain +3 Reputation with Suicune.
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