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PR: Litter XVII -Cursewire/Clayrun -NEWBIE SPECIAL

For :iconpokemon-reign: only

:note: NEWBIE SPECIAL! These babies are free for new members to take home, provided you: Have completed Newbie Quests 1 & 2 and joined on the September 2nd (or past) Opening! Why do you need to complete the quests? I'd rather give these fellows to someone who isn't going to join and immediately become inactive, if you can understand!

There is a limit of ONE baby per member (this includes the other Newbie Special litter!)

Mother: Clayrun the Atrocity
Father: Cursewire

Clutch Comment: Link

Base Starting Stats
HP: 7
Attack: 9
Defense: 12
Sp. Attack: 6
Sp Defense: 11
Speed: 3

#1 Ralts; Female; [Hidden Ability]
She's a little bit grumpy and isn't fond of social interaction with lots of others. Her body is covered in slightly darker markings, including stripes on her legs and a collar that comes around to a dot on the front; and stripes on her nose! Her eyes are a orange color.
Owner: Beancat105
Egg Moves: None

#2 Ralts/Budew; Female; [Ability 2]
Alchemized, Chimera
This little cheerful fiery plant loves the outdoors, and always seems to be bursting with energy. The back of her legs and the bud on her head stream fire, which can be turned on and off at will. She's very warm, and has yellow-orange eyes.
Owner: None
Egg Moves: None

#3 Honedge; Male; [Ability 2]
This Honedge is darker then most Honedge, and seems a little shifty. His eye is bright red, and he seems to be missing the lines under the eye slots.
Owner: GrayGriffin
Egg Moves: None

#4 Budew/Meditite/Ralts; Male; [Hidden Ability]
This little boy is not sure about his surroundings, and is a little clumsy yet. He seem unsure about his future. His eyes are yellow
Owner: FishBatDragonThing
Egg Moves: None

Characters: None
Evolutions: -
Moves: -
Baby 1 | Ralts: [Full Body, Color, Shading, Simple BG]
Baby 2 | Ralts/Budew: [Full Body, Color, Shading, Simple BG]
Baby 3 | Honedge: [Full Body, Color, Shading, Simple BG]
Baby 4 | Budew/Ralts/Meditite: [Full Body, Color, Shading, Simple BG]
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If the Ralts/Budew hasn't been taken, I'd love to have her! 
dratimeg's avatar
Wish I'd be accepted to the group more quickly.. That rants /budew is a cutie...
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Auto correct bane of my existence.
Beancat105's avatar
I want that Deviant Ralts so badly!
Necr0wmancer's avatar
I can put her down for you if you'd like!
Beancat105's avatar
Necr0wmancer's avatar
Put her down for you! I'll send the transfer in a little bit!
FishBatDragonThing's avatar
HHHHHNGNGNGNGNNG!  Medi-dibs!  *completely improper flailing and grabby-hand-making*
Necr0wmancer's avatar
YES he is down for you I will send a transfer to you in a few ye
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Finished Art - Fullbody, Color, Shading, Simple BG

Baby 1 gained 5 HP, 9 Defense, 5 Sp. Defense, 10 Speed.
Baby 1 has earned 29 stat points! Baby 1 gained 5 level!

Baby 2 gained 5 Attack, 3 Defense, 7 Sp. Attack, 6 Sp. Defense, 2 Speed.
Baby 2 has earned 23 stat points! Baby 2 gained 4 level!

Baby 3 gained 2 HP, 2 Attack, 2 Defense, 5 Sp. Attack, 5 Sp. Defense.
Baby 3 has earned 16 stat points! Baby 3 gained 3 level!

Baby 4 gained 5 HP, 3 Attack, 8 Defense, 5 Sp. Attack, 5 Speed.
Baby 4 has earned 26 stat points! Baby 4 gained 5 level!

Trainer earned 109 Trinities.

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