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PR: Litter IX - Eternal/Celestial Litter III

For :iconpokemon-reign: only
Note I will only accepted offers AFTER the litter has been accepted into the group! It is no longer first come first serve; owners will be picked after 24-48 hours of the picture being accepted.

Mother: The Celestial
Father: The Eternal

Clutch Comment: Link

Base Starting Stats
HP: 17
Attack: 22
Defense: 20
Sp. Attack: 26
Sp Defense: 28
Speed: 20

#1 Litleo/Ducklett; Male; [Ability 1]
Alchemized, Chimera
A super fluffy duck lion chimera. He has super long and soft fur, and fluffy feathers. He lacks the eye spots of his father, but has his eye color. His dark fur under his fluff is dark blue.
Owner: MoonstoneGemini  - 500 Trins
Price: 200 Trins or 5 Moves

#2 Ducklett/Litleo; Female; [Ability 2]
Alchemized, Chimera
She has a double set of wings and a fiery feathery tail. Fire rolls off the top of her head instead of just red fur. She has a eye spot over her eyes, and her eyes are purple. Lacks socks on the front paws, but back paws have white socks
Owner: MephilesfanforSRB2
#3 Ducklett; Male; [Ability 1]
Poor little fellow somehow ended up featherless instead of giant like his mother.
Owner: CreativeJackalope 

#4 Litleo; Male; [Ability 2]
He has steam vents along his side and the top of his head, which vents out searing hot mist and steam. His tail is composed of the same. He lacks a sock on his front right paw. He has a few smaller spots above his eyes, which are a blue-green.
Owner: Sylph-ofSouls - 170 Trins
Price: 170 Trins or 4 Moves

||Baby 1|| Litleo/Ducklett || Full Body, Color, Shaded, Simple BG||
||Baby 2|| Litleo/Ducklett || Full Body, Color, Shaded, Simple BG||
||Baby 3|| Ducklett || Full Body, Color, Shaded, Simple BG||
||Baby 4|| Litleo|| Full Body, Color, Shaded, Simple BG||
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Sylph-ofSouls's avatar
could I get 4 for trins? :0 they're so pretty!
Necr0wmancer's avatar
Of course ahh! I will send the transfer here in a bit!
NoodleKarp's avatar
I'd like to offer 200-500 trins for #1? o:
I'd love to have a sibling for Fire Island~
Necr0wmancer's avatar
Sure ;u;! I'll take any of those amounts ahh
NoodleKarp's avatar
How about the 500 then~? ovo
Necr0wmancer's avatar
Sounds good to me aah! Thank you so much ;u;
NoodleKarp's avatar
You're welcome! I'll await the transfer message~!
CreativeJackalope's avatar
Finished Art - Fullbody, Color, Shading, Simple BG

Pokemon 1 gained 9 HP, 4 Attack, 6 Defense, 4 Sp. Attack, 2 Speed.
Pokemon 1 has earned 25 stat points! Pokemon 1 gained 5 level!

Pokemon 2 gained 4 Attack, 9 Defense, 11 Sp. Attack.
Pokemon 2 has earned 24 stat points! Pokemon 2 gained 4 level!

Pokemon 3 gained 5 HP, 3 Attack, 2 Defense, 3 Sp. Attack, 12 Speed.
Pokemon 3 has earned 25 stat points! Pokemon 3 gained 5 level!

Pokemon 4 gained 5 Attack, 11 Sp. Defense, 11 Speed.
Pokemon 4 has earned 27 stat points! Pokemon 4 gained 5 level!

Trainer earned 100 Trinities.
eccentricbirdie's avatar
number one, omg. hes so beautiful. ;v;
k-times-two's avatar
gryphonbabiessss they look so cool~
CreativeJackalope's avatar
My baby <3<3<3 He looks adorable aaa, thank you!!
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