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Despite the extra layer of warm fur and the warmth from her mount, the mountain air still sent a shiver up the Lady’s spine. The wind howled past her as the Eternal climbed higher into the mountains, carefully placing each of his steps on the freezing, icy ground. The Lady tightened her grip on the saddle she had strapped to the Pyroar’s back, feeling a little uneasy at how much rocking was going on and how big the gusts of biting wind were getting. Overhead, the Celestial and the Prophet struggled to fly along with the Eternal, flapping hard to keep them from being blown off course. The Fanatic had wrapped his sash around the Lady’s chest, watching the back as they slowly made their way up the mountain chain.
The Lady had never been to mountains quite like that before. When the gusts of cold, snowy air resided she could see the other distant mountain peaks stretching as far as her eye could see; looming grey spines silhouetted against the stormy grey-orange sky. The ground was covered in a thin layer of ice and snow, making the already shaky footing even more uncertain for the big cat traversing it. His large paws set themselves on each stone carefully, testing it before he set his weight on it. Not only was he in charge of keeping himself safe, but he also carried the Lady herself as well as the Fanatic, albeit he was probably the least of everyone’s concerns. The Honedge was quite content where he was strapped, even if the Lady could hear even the sword shivering in his sheath.
The Lady had slowly been pushing northward in hopes of finding some territory of her own to stake claim to. The Lost still had not arrived yet, and she hoped she could get something set up by the time he made it over. Then they could really begin with the training and the conquest. Until then though, this was what she’d have to do. Try to train her Pokemon herself, wander the new kingdoms, and look for a home of her own. The Lady reached up to pull her hood closer to her pale face, grimacing slightly at the sting of ice chunks being flung by the wind past her.  She hadn’t expected it to be this windy. Had she known, she would have gone around the side of the mountain or through a pass instead of over them. She glanced up to check on her two flying Pokemon. The Celestial seemed to be holding up better than the Prophet, who kept getting blown off to the side and had to fight to keep in sight of the group. The Celestial off and on would dive down to catch the poor barn swallow, or would use her larger body to try to buffer some of the wind for the Prophet. Ice seemed to be coating both of their wings though, and it was starting to weigh them down. If this continued, the Lady knew they’d have to turn back or find shelter until everyone was rested and warmed up.
That was one thing the Lady was certainly glad about. Despite the frigid wind, the Eternal himself was warm and by extension, so was the armor and saddle that was on him. The Lady had been expecting the handle and reigns she held onto to end up as cold as the rocks around them, but the Eternal’s warm body and fiery, fluffy mane kept everything on him from icing over and becoming too cold. His paws even left melted puddles in his wake, and his breath came out as bright white clouds of warm air. The Lady reached out to give his mane a scratch, reassuring him he was doing a good job through is weary steps. He let out a low purr in response.
{Do you think the weather is going to clear up?} The Prophet asked, flapping her wings hard to try to keep up beside the Celestial. The duck Pokemon looked ahead, squinting her eyes. She flapped and tried to gain some altitude to get a better look above the debris being kicked up on the ground, but another strong gust of wind knocked her down.  She quacked in distress as she was pummeled down, before at least she righted herself again before she got too close to the ground. The Lady watched her with worry, and when another gust of wind almost sent her off of the Eternal’s back, she decided enough was enough on the ridge.
“Let’s move down. Maybe we can get behind some rocks or down in a pass where there will be less wind,” she ordered, pulling her hood aside briefly to shout her words. The Fanatic rattled in his scabbard, seeming to be rather pleased with that statement. The Eternal glanced back at the Lady, his gold hair flying into his face as he checked over his shoulder before giving a grunt. He turned to try to find a path down the mountain, even more careful in his descent then he was in his ascent. It was a lot harder for him to keep traction while going down on icy rocks with gusts of wind then it was on his way up. The Lady kept a tight grip on the saddle, pulling her hood close with her other hand as the group made their way down to what they hoped would be safer and less windy ground. The Celestial and the Prophet both dived down to try to catch calmer air, being careful not to get caught into any drafts that might send them over steep edges or into rocks. The Fanatic peeked over the Lady’s shoulder once to survey the ground before them, before he settled himself this time to her side so he was out of the wind. The Lady glanced down at him, and he just rattled in response. She couldn’t blame him. Ghost or not, the freezing air wasn’t fun for any of them.
The descent was quicker than the trip up, but filled with much more sliding and close calls. Once or twice the bird Pokemon had been blown out of sight or over a cliff face, several times the Eternal had gone for a slide down the rocks, and even a full tumble another time. The Lady had avoided being crushed under the lion and his armor thanks to the Fanatic, who had thrown himself off in time to get himself wedged into some rocks, before he reached out and nabbed the Lady. No serious harm had been done to anyone in the trip yet, but they were all showing signs of wear. The Eternal was trying not to limp from his fall, in which he had landed on a paw wrong as well as generally been bruised by a multitude of rocks on his way down. The Celestial and the Prophet were fighting to stay up in the air. The Lady was starting to lose feeling in her fingers. The Fanatic was the closest to being okay, even though it was looking like the sword might have become flat out frozen in his scabbard. His tassel cracked off hunks of ice every time it moved, which at this point wasn’t often.  
At last the group found themselves in the shelter of a canyon of large boulders, sheltered largely from the wind which had given them hell above. The Celestial and the Prophet slowly landed, both staggering when their feet touched ground. Neither folded their wings right away, and instead dragged them a few feet tiredly before trying to shake the ice shards out of their feathers.
{Perhaps we should stop for a moment to get you two warmed up} The Eternal suggested, turning to look at his smaller companions. The Lady glanced over at them as well, equally worried even though she could not understand what her Pokemon were saying. Silently, the Fanatic shook himself free of the ice to float a few feet down the path to gather sticks. The Eternal flopped down under the overhang of a large cliff, immediately going to lick his wounded paw. The Lady got off his back and crouched down to take a look at it as the Fanatic returned with a small bundle of sticks, laying them on the ground.
The Eternal got a small fire started to help everyone warm up and thaw off while the Lady bandaged his paw, albeit he didn’t fully need it. She felt she’d rather be safe than sorry though, especially out there. It was just her and her four Pokemon, and she had no kingdom to come looking for her. The Lost doubtable-y would even be able to find her, in all his wisdom.
The small party stayed there until the fire had died down to just a few sad embers, then they set out once more. The Celestial and the Prophet flew low above the Eternal, taking turns resting in his mane for a break before taking up to the sky again. If both became too tired, the Fanatic would extend his tassel to hold the bird not nesting in the lion’s hair. Perhaps this had been a bad idea. The Lady glanced down at the duck who nested before her. The Celestial was exhausted, and so was the Prophet. The Eternal was trudging on with his very slight limp, padding over rocks and snow drifts as he looked for a way out of the canyon. She honestly hoped they’d be able to get out in one piece.
No, of course they could! She did not believe it was her fate to die in that canyon, or the fate of any of her Pokemon. She had come north on the wings of a rumor about the chimera of a certain Pokemon, and she would be damned if she went all that way for nothing. Surely it would be a sign if she saw it! She could feel it in her soul. The Lady shook the uncertainty and anxiety from her heart, and tilted her chin up as they started up a slow winding path up the side of the hill. The Eternal seemed to pick up on it after a while, which brought him a little hope to see his leader in better spirits. The good mood seemed to be infectious, and everyone felt a bit better by the time they had reached the top of the canyon. The wind had died down, making the progression forward much easier. When the sky cleared up a bit, everyone seemed to be back to the same good spirit they had left on. The Celestial and the Prophet took to the sky again, feeling rejuvenated from their rest. The Eternal made his way along easier without such steep ledges or huge gusts of wind to battle, and the Fanatic had returned to hanging off of the Lady’s back. She pulled back her hood when the sun started to shine through the clouds as they reached the edges of the mountains. Ah, yes. All would be fine. The would make it through the darker day ahead. They just had to keep their heads up and not lose hope.
Quest 5 Part 1. The Lady, the Prophet, the Celestial, the Eternal and the Fanatic explore the Larkin's Tail mountain chain in hopes of spotting a certain Pokemon

Type of Exploration: By Biome
Type/Biome: Mountain
Items being Used: Well Worn Map

Word Count: 1876
© 2015 - 2022 Necr0wmancer
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Word Count: 1876

The Prophet gained 11 HP, 10 Attack, 2 Defense, 32 Sp. Attack, 8 Sp. Defense.
The Prophet has earned 63 stat points! The Prophet gained 12 level!

The Celestial gained 10 HP, 13 Attack, 6 Defense, 6 Sp. Attack, 11 Sp. Defense, 16 Speed.
The Celestial has earned 62 stat points! The Celestial gained 12 level!

The Eternal gained 5 HP, 18 Attack, 3 Defense, 10 Sp. Attack, 22 Speed.
The Eternal has earned 58 stat points! The Eternal gained 11 level!

The Fanatic gained 10 HP, 24 Attack, 12 Defense, 6 Sp. Attack, 10 Sp. Defense, 2 Speed.
The Fanatic has earned 64 stat points! The Fanatic gained 12 level!

Trainer earned 389 Trinities.

Uncommon Reward
You found a(n) Escape Rope. Would you like to take it home with you?

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Absolutely! Thank you!
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