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Lady made her way down to the grassland on the back of Mythshadow as soon as she could. She packed what was needed, as well as a little extra thanks to worries of her servants, before heading out on the back of her loyal lion to her destination.

Mythshadow bounded down the mountain path towards the grasslands that lay on the outskirts of the mountain range, sliding over the dirt and stone with his huge paws. Celestialfire followed far overhead, a shadow that passed over every now and then. Bloodwrath flew as well; lower then Celestialfire, keeping guard over Lady more than scouting the area ahead of them, like Celestial was. Madtrack and Gospeltrinity stayed at Mythshadow’s flanks, bounding after the lion on their way down the slopes. None of the Pokémon would let their leader get harmed, especially not for something like this. Many of the Pokémon didn’t understand why they were even doing this or why it had Lady and Catcher so worked up. The trip down the mountain gave Lady a chance to just sit and think before she got searching for feathers, which she could only hope actually could be found out and about.

The world wasn’t going to end. Lady felt fairly confident of that. She was certain that it didn’t matter if she burned 10,000 feathers or just one, it would make no difference. And she was sure the same could be said for what Catcher was doing with them. They were just feathers. Feathers of god like beings or not, she had her doubts that they themselves would mean much. Tabula Rasa’s feathers didn’t mean anything. They were certainly bizarre, but they most certainly would not invoke the dragon’s wrath or anything. If beings came down to fight, she would fight back. Lady firmly believed in her destiny. A few feathers wasn’t going to change that.

Then why was she afraid of losing this little competition? The pale woman furrowed her brow under her heavy hood, squinting through the tinted goggles that protected her eyes from the bright rays of the sun overhead. It was a nice day out. The snow had let up for the last few days, leaving a clear sky overhead for a majority of the day. With the clear though, came the cold and the wind. Bleakfield was frigid to begin with, but the last few days had been much colder. Lady was glad she was going down to the grasslands, where things would be a little warmer. On top of that, she had brought four fire types; only Celestialfire, despite being in her name, was not part fire. The lion below her, the dog and badger at her sides, and the dragon above would keep her plenty warm on top of the thick furred jacket she wore.

Mythshadow’s paws sent snow flying in all directions as he ran, kicking up the dirt below the snow where it was thin. It was quiet out. Lady held tightly onto the Pyroar’s reigns, staring ahead with a steely gaze.

Maybe she was worried that Catcher would simply continue being better than her. They both may rule side by side over Bleakfield now, but the woman had a sinking feeling that it may not always be that way. She could not let favor fall, she could not appear weak. Catcher was ambitious, but Lady would not let that stomp out her determination.

They hit the edge of the grasslands by afternoon. The group slowed to a stop on a outcropping of rocks for a break before they charged out to the fields ahead of them.

Gospeltrinity and Bloodwrath gathered some sticks for a fire, and huddled around it with Mythshadow, Celestialfire and Madtrack. Lady pulled off some rations from the bags Mythshadow was carrying, handing out the food to their owners. The only Pokémon who didn’t carry a set of bags was Celestialfire and Madtrack; Mythshadow, Gospeltrinity and Bloodwrath carried food and provisions on them for the trip. Lady brushed snow off of a rock with a pine tree branch, before sitting down on it to eat her food.

Celestialfire craned her neck, before nuzzling Lady. The nun smiled, reaching up to pet the Swanna. “Hey there. See anything out there yet?” She asked, glancing up at the giant bird. Celestialfire shook her feathers and fluffed up, before making a slight head shaking motion. Lady nodded, before turning back to face the expanse before her. She did not have the greatest vision. She could see, she wasn’t blind, but things out on the horizon or more than a good 20-30 feet away were hard for her to decipher from the rest of the background blur. She relied on Celestialfire to help her spot things on the horizon line. Celestialfire could see for an incredible distance, and would spot things far sooner than any human ever would. On an exploration like this, Lady was going to rely on Celestialfire’s amazing eyesight to try to find feathers scattered across the grasslands. It shouldn’t be that hard to find, right? The grass was not growing at its highest this time of year, and large portions of it were sagging from the weight of frost and ice, or blasted flat by the buffering of wind. Red, blue or yellow feathers should be something Celestialfire could spot with relative ease, she thought. If they could get one, she hopped that Madtrack would be able to sniff out more. The wind didn’t seem to be blowing terribly hard. With any luck, feathers wouldn’t be whipping across the field out of her reach.

Lady took a bite out of her slice of bread, adjusting her hood and goggles as a breeze whipped up around them. Madtrack trotted over to her, flopping down beside her.

{We shouldn’t stay out too late tonight. Celestialfire thinks a storm might be blowing in. We should give plenty of time to set up a camp.} He swished his tail, resting his head on his paws. Lady glanced down at the dog, before nodding her head.

“I wouldn’t imagine we would be going far today anyways. Catcher has an advantage there. She doesn’t have to go far to be in the terrain she picked,” Lady huffed.

Madtrack snorted. {Don’t worry about what she’s doing. It may be quicker, but it’s much more dangerous and harder to navigate. Most of the mountain is still snowy and iced over, even though the sky is clear. She’s going to have a hell of a time trying to find things and reach them.}

Lady nodded her head. “Knowing her though… she’ll find a way,” Lady sighed.

{And you will do better. Don’t let her make you feel like you’re lesser to her, Lady.} The dog got back to his feet. {We should head out and get a little searching done before sundown.} Madtrack turned, before trotting back to the other Pokémon. Lady finished her bred, before turning to get on the back of Mythshadow once more.

The group set out across the plain with a little time to spare. Celestialfire circled overhead, using her keen eyesight to try to find anything of interest from overhead. Bloodwrath drifted below to relay messages and to see if he could spot anything else, drifting after Mythshadow as he bounded across the grasslands. Madtrack and Gospeltrinity bounded out around the grasslands, investigating things Celestialfire and Bloodwrath spotted before returning back to Lady and Mythshadow. Madtrack had followed a few leads, but there was no clear source of feathers that he could find. Gospeltrinity took to the sky a few times when he had enough of a ledge to get him airborne; the chimera was a little too heavy and awkward to typically take off of the ground on his own.

By the time the sun started to go down and Madtrack advised for them to find a place to settle down for the night, the group had succeeded in collecting a handful of feathers. Lady wasn’t sure how many of them were actually the feathers they were looking for; there were plenty of Pokémon that could have red, blue or yellow feathers. The feathers from the duster that they had sacrificed certainly had a different quality than your normal run of the mill Pokémon feathers, but Lady wasn’t fully sure out there. It didn’t help that it was cold and most feathers were somewhat trashed from the wind and frost.

The group settled down behind a small hill covered with rocks, hoping it would shield them from some of the worst of the wind. A fire was started up again, and Lady set up her small tent beside it. Gospeltrinity made himself at home besides Lady’s tent to keep her warm, while the remainder of the group set themselves up in a circle around the fire to sleep and keep watch. Bloodwrath flopped himself on top of the hill to keep watch from up there. Sure enough though, as Celestialfire had predicted, clouds did blow in during the night. The wind picked up, and a light dusting of snow drifted down while they slept. Most of the group huddled closer and closer to Lady during the night, but nothing disturbed them beside the weather.
Lady rolls over the grassland in search of fluff

Word Count: 1541
Correct Spelling & Grammar?: Yes
PR: Celestialfire, the Sky Queen | Deviant Swanna: 1541 Words
PR: Mythshadow, the Eternal Nightmare | Shiny Pyroar: 1541 Words
PR: Gospeltrinity, the Humanity Seeker | Togekiss/Typhlosion: 1541 Words
PR: Madtrack, the Bishop | Psychic Houndoom: 1541 Words
PR: Bloodwrath, the Resurrected | Shiny/Deviant Charizard: 1541 Words
Lady | Leader: 1541 Words

Explorer: NebulaFrog
Type of Exploration: Biome
Type -or- Biome: Grassland
Items being Used: Dmitri's Draft [Grassland]
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Word Count: 1541

Celestialfire the Sky Queen gained 5 HP, 5 Attack, 12 Defense, 14 Sp. Attack, 24 Sp. Defense, 9 Speed.
Celestialfire the Sky Queen has earned 69 stat points! Celestialfire the Sky Queen gained 13 levels!

Word Count: 1541

Mythshadow the Eternal Nightmare gained 14 HP, 19 Attack, 11 Defense, 7 Sp. Attack, 15 Sp. Defense.
Mythshadow the Eternal Nightmare has earned 66 stat points! Mythshadow the Eternal Nightmare gained 13 levels!

Word Count: 1541

Gospeltrinity the Humanity Seeker gained 13 HP, 7 Attack, 6 Defense, 4 Sp. Attack, 24 Sp. Defense, 2 Speed.
Gospeltrinity the Humanity Seeker has earned 56 stat points! Gospeltrinity the Humanity Seeker gained 11 levels!

Word Count: 1541

Madtrack the Bishop gained 4 HP, 14 Attack, 20 Defense, 5 Sp. Attack, 15 Sp. Defense, 14 Speed.
Madtrack the Bishop has earned 72 stat points! Madtrack the Bishop gained 14 levels!

Word Count: 1541

Bloodwrath the Resurrected gained 26 HP, 23 Attack, 5 Defense, 10 Sp. Defense, 7 Speed.
Bloodwrath the Resurrected has earned 71 stat points! Bloodwrath the Resurrected gained 14 levels!

Word Count: 1541

Pokemon of Choice gained 10 HP, 9 Attack, 9 Defense, 17 Sp. Attack, 5 Sp. Defense, 21 Speed.
Pokemon of Choice has earned 71 stat points! Pokemon of Choice gained 14 levels!

Trainer earned 647 Trinities.

Rare Reward
You found a(n) Corn Berry. Would you like to take it home with you?
You also find 2 Red Feathers, and 3 Yellow Feathers!
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FFFfff I accept the berry thank 
and the levels from Lady go to Bloodwrath
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The gift of Corn has been added to your inventory!