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PR: Envyconfession, the Grudgeful

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Name: Envyconfession, the Grudgeful
Species: Sigilyph/Salamence
Type: Dragon/Psychic/Flying
Special Traits: Chimera
Gender: Male
Hatch Date: 4/24/15

Height: 5'00"
Personality:  Envyconfession is a very calm and serious individual. He thinks about his actions before he acts, and everything he said is collected and well thought out. As a psychic type he has the ability to communicate to people, although it is far from refined. Despite that, he rarely talks to anyone but Catcher.
Owner: Catcher

Level: 100

HP: 181
Attack: 188
Defense: 229
Special Attack: 145
Special Defense: 180
Speed: 238

Stat Total: 1161

Ability: Wonder Skin [1]

Move List:
Miracle Eye
Dragon Breath
Zen Headbutt
Air Slash
Cosmic Power
Sky Attack
Hydro Pump

Desired Moves: 
Fire Fang
Thunder Fang

Desired TMs/Move Tutors:
Brick Break
Shadow Claw
Rock Slide
Smack Down
Ice Beam
Solar Beam
Charge Beam
Draco Meteor
Hyper Voice
Heat Wave
Aqua Tail

Lineage: Dragon Egg + DNA Vial

Breeding Status: Looking for a Life Mate [RP REQUIRED]



Experience Log:
Old Ref -> 3 Levels
PR: Elevation -> 4 Levels
PR: The Cave I ->5 Levels
PR: Too Hot -> 16 Levels
PR: Evo and Move Dump IV -> 47 Levels
PR: Lost at Sea -> 3 Levels [EXP Share]
Current Ref -> 3 Levels
Pokemon Reign: Star Festival Mini Objective 8 -> 3 Levels
PR: To Become Stronger Part 1 -> 22 [Exp Share] +  52 Levels
PR: Into the Marsh ->  13 Levels [EXP Share]
PR: Feather-Off | Catcher P.1 -> 7 Levels
PR: Feather-Off | Catcher P.2 -> 9 Levels
PR: Feather-Off | Catcher P.3 -> 8 Levels
PR: Black Holes and Revelations -> 6 Levels
PR: Questions for the River Stage II -> 5 Levels
PR: Ethayan Tier 1 Pokemon 1 Round 1 -> 3 Levels + 5 Levels [Via NPC]
PR: Ethayan Tier 1 Pokemon 1 Round 2-3 --> 10 Levels

|Envyconfession| Full Body, Color, Shading
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Finished Art - Fullbody, Color, Shading

The Confession gained 3 HP, 8 Attack, 5 Sp. Attack, 2 Speed.
The Confession has earned 18 stat points! The Confession gained 3 level!

Trainer earned 30 Trinities.