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The Lost was not a fan of the mountains, but it was still hard for him to hate the view they could provide. The Lost sat up on the back of the Cathedral, overlooking the mountain ranges and forests below. The weather was clear for once over the Bleakfield mountain range, and for the first time in several days the sun was out shining with few clouds to interrupt it. The Lost had road the Cathedral and the Confession, his newest Pokemon he hoped would someday serve as a scouting mount. The Cathedral had recovered from the attack from scouting the path earlier, and the Lost could not quite remember how his hands had end up freezer burnt.  But they didn’t hurt as badly as they did before, and it was finally at least somewhat comfortable to hold onto the reigns. The Cathedral was not a comfortable mount. He still had not gotten the idea of running with people on his back, and he still had a tenancy to charge headfirst through the brush and over rocks. The Lost was glad he wore a heavy cloak, or he was sure he would have been ripped to shreds by the branches and plants that the Cathedral recklessly charged through.  Already, the Lost had almost been shaken off of the Cathedral on their way up to the ledge the Lost found to be a wonderful lookout.
Bleakfield Fortress was located in a somewhat sheltered alpine region on the slope of one of the largest mountains in the range. They had managed to pull together a sturdy stone building hidden in a rather nice alpine field, sheltered from the worst of the mountain’s wind and snow. The place was not the Lost’s favorite. He was not a fan of the cold and the snow and the rugged, slick, dangerous terrain the mountains and the alpines inside of them had to offer. But he could not disagree that it was a fairly sound spot for her main base of operations. It was not easy to reach by foot, air, or by tunneling.  He just hoped they could get another base of operation set up somewhere else that he could stay at.
His attention was drawn aside when the Confession tried to climb up onto the saddle. The Sigilgon was fairly young, and had been hatched out of an egg the Lost had taken care of. The lizard tried to grab a hold of the edge of the Cathedral’s armor. The Lost carefully turned to reach a hand down, which gave the Confession a better hold then the dinosaur’s armor. The Pokemon clambered up, hitting the Lost in the face a few times with his wings. Once he was up, the dragon settled himself in front of the Lost, peering over the dinosaur’s back to get a view at the vast landscape before them.
“Nice, isn’t it?” The Lost commented, following the Pokemon’s gaze. The clouds hung low in the mountains and the valley before, and faintly below the twisting path one could see the vague shape of the stone church, if they knew what they were looking for. The Confession squinted a bit.
The Confession had not gotten telepathy and speech down, but he was working on it. The Lost appreciated it. The man scratched the Pokemon on the top of the head. “Yes, this is home for now. Someday we will be flying up here in the clouds. But for now…” He pulled on the reigns. The Cathedral snorted, before turning to lumber back towards the trail they had used to climb the ridge, “we will just walk it. It’s good practice for the Cathedral anyways,” he replied, giving the dinosaur a pat on the side. The Rampardos snorted, shaking his reigns as he trompe down the ridge again. The Confession seemed to nod, before letting out a long yawn.
Decided to slap another exploration down. Feat. The Cathedral, the Confession, and their trainer the Lost

Explorer: NebulaFrog
Type of Exploration: Biome
Type/Biome: Mountain
Items being Used: Map + Soothe Bell

Word Count: 684
© 2015 - 2022 Necr0wmancer
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Word Count: 694

The Cathedral gained 13 HP, 5 Attack, 4 Sp. Attack.
The Cathedral has earned 22 stat points! The Cathedral gained 4 level!

The Confession gained 3 HP, 9 Defense, 5 Sp. Attack, 4 Sp. Defense.
The Confession has earned 21 stat points! The Confession gained 4 level!

Trainer earned 104 Trinities.

Very Rare Reward
You found a(n) Chimera Duosion/Mawile [Ability 1]. Would you like to take it home with you?