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PR: Celestialfire, the Sky Queen

Name: Celestialfire, the Sky Queen
Species: Swanna
Type: Water/Flying
Special Traits: Deviant (Giant)
Gender: Female
Hatch Date: 3/29/15

Height: 7'04"
Personality:  Celestialfire is one of Lady's most important Pokemon. Loyal and brave, Celestialfire follows around her owner with unwavering dedication, fiercely loyal and ready to protect her lady at all cost. She isn't afraid of other Pokemon, and knows her size will benefit her well down the line. She usually attempts to intimidate with size and stature over actual attacks, and tries not to draw actual fighting if she can avoid it. She is often seen flying or waddling behind the Leader.
Owner: Lady

Level: 100

HP: 247
Attack: 213
Defense: 215
Special Attack: 255
Special Defense: 255
Speed: 255

Stat Total: 1422

Ability: Keen Eyes [1]

Move List:
Water Gun
Air Slash
Brave Bird
Rain Dance

Desired Moves: 
Aqua Ring

Desired TMs/Move Tutors:
Ice Beam
Steel Wing

Lineage: Starter Egg [Traded]

The Sunrise
Fire Island
Undrawn Alchemized Ducklett/Litleo Male
Alchemized Litleo Male

Breeding Status: Life Mated

The Eternal

First Clutch
Second Clutch
Third Clutch

Experience Log:
Reference -> 5 Levels + 5
PR Gift Art! -> 18 Levels [Gift]
PR: The Start ->14 Levels
PR: Last way out of here -> 12 Levels
Pokemon Reign: The High Seas (Exploration) -> 5 Levels
PR: The Meeting of Tanis and the Lady -> 30 Levels
PR: Accept your fate now -> 17 Levels
PR: Level Dump ->1 Level
[PRP] A Guest and a Tunnel ->12 levels
[PRP] Religions of Fire and Water -> 20 Levels
Pokemon Reign: Lost Sketches -> 2 Levels
PR: Lost at Sea -> 3 Levels
Pokemon Reign: Star Festival Mini Objective 8 -> 2 Levels
PR: Traditional Dump II -> 4 Levels
PR: To Become Stronger Part I -> 24 Levels
A Most Sincere Inventation -> 43 Levels
PR: Into the Marsh -> 17 Levels
PR: Feather-Off | Lady P.1 -> 13 Levels
PR: Feather-Off | Lady P.3 -> 8 Levels
PR: This Is All I Ever Was -> 6 Levels
PR: Questions for the River Stage II -> 5 Levels + 5 Trainer Levels
PR: Exploration Dump II -> 4 Levels
PR: Kingdom Challenge 1-31 -> 5 Levels
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She looks massive! So gorgeous.
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Fullbody, Color, Shading

The Celestial gained 8 Sp. Attack, 5 Sp. Defense, 12 Speed.
The Celestial has earned 25 stat points! The Celestial gained 5 level!

Trainer earned 30 Trinities.
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Do you mind if I draw Celestial in my exploration picture?
Necr0wmancer's avatar
Go ahead ahh! I'd be just fine with that~
suicunetobigaara's avatar
Thank you so much!
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Fullbody, Color, Shading

The Celestial gained 12 HP, 5 Attack, 5 Sp. Attack.
The Celestial has earned 22 stat points! The Celestial gained 4 level!

Trainer earned 34 Trinities.
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