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PR: Celestial/Eternal Litter II

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For :iconpokemon-reign: only

Mother: The Celestial
Father: The Eternal

Clutch Comment: Link

Base Starting Stats
HP: 14
Attack: 21
Defense: 19
Sp. Attack: 24
Sp Defense: 26
Speed: 18

#1 Litleo/Ducklett; Female; [Ability 2]
Shiny, Deviant, Chimera
A brave little griffon with the colors of her father. She's ready to go and see the world, and bet the best Pokemon she can for the Lady!
Owner:  NebulaFrog  

#2 Litleo/Ducklett; Male; [Ability 1]
Shiny, Chimera
This boy has some awfully bright colors for being Celestial and Eternal's offspring. He has larger spots over his eyes and blue eyes like h is father. Complete with a body that is dual colored like Ducklett's.
Owner: MoonstoneGemini 

#3 Litleo; Female; [Ability 2]
This little fireball has a heart of gold and the spirit of a warrior. She has blue eyes like her father, and long socks on her front legs. One little dark brown spot is above her eye!
Owner: Daifen 

#4 Litleo; Female; [Ability 1]
She's prone to slinking around, and is a little less friendly then her other siblings. She has a handful of spots above either eye, and lacks a lot of tail fluff... or head fluff, for that matter.
Owner: SuperfluousStar 
||Babies 1-4|| Full Body, Color, Shaded, Simple BG||
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Finished Art - Fullbody, Color, Shading, Simple BG

Pokemon 1 gained 8 Attack, 2 Defense, 6 Sp. Attack, 8 Sp. Defense.
Pokemon 1 has earned 24 stat points! Pokemon 1 gained 4 level!

Pokemon 2 gained 2 Defense, 9 Sp. Attack, 6 Sp. Defense, 7 Speed.
Pokemon 2 has earned 24 stat points! Pokemon 2 gained 4 level!

Pokemon 3 gained 11 HP, 5 Attack, 8 Sp. Attack.
Pokemon 3 has earned 24 stat points! Pokemon 3 gained 4 level!

Pokemon 4 gained 2 HP, 6 Attack, 5 Defense, 2 Sp. Attack, 10 Speed.
Pokemon 4 has earned 25 stat points! Pokemon 4 gained 5 level!

Trainer earned 123 Trinities.