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PR: Catcher

Name: Catcher
Species: Human
Type: Dragon/Electric/Dark/Steel
Gender: Female
Hatch Date: 12/15
Age: 21

Height: 5'09"
Personality: Catcher is the more outgoing of the twins. She's headstrong and sassy, more then happy to fight, and follows her heart. She believes in following ideals over truth. Catcher is most likely to hit on anyone decent looking that comes within her sight, and is quick to pick on anyone she deems lower then her... which is a lot of people. She loves adventuring and sword fighting, and can be reckless at times.

History: Catcher was born over the seas with her twin sister Lady, in a small town in the mountains. The two were taken from their family by a monastery, who believed their opposite colors were a part of the prophecy. The two were raised with the intent of becoming priestesses for Reshiram and Zekrom, and spent their entire childhood and a majority of their teens studying under the monastery's priests and teachers.

Catcher was raised to be Zekrom's priestess. From a young age, Catcher was a idealist with a strong heart and a headstrong personality. She was far more adventurous then her sister, and had a tenancy to pick on Lady. Catcher became the better Pokemon trainer, though she tended to have a harder time keeping a close bond with them and anyone else. She is a experienced sword user, and loves to spar with anyone wielding anything that could remotely count as a weapon. She's quick to challenge people, and would prefer to fight man to man instead of with Pokemon sometimes. Catcher quickly made it clear that she would rather explore or be handling things in person then to stick and do paperwork, and rather quickly threw that onto Lady and did what she wanted. Because how quiet Lady can be, Catcher takes advantage of this to do what she wants and to leave all the 'boring' rolls of being a leader to her sister.

Lady -
Catcher's twin. She tends to pick on her much quieter counterpart, and often butts heads with her. She rules Bleakfield along side her
False - Catcher would rather not know her but hey the grave robber has her uses.
Evoker - He's incredibly uptight in Catcher's opinion, but he's a good priest. Catcher's friend.
Dogma - Beyond being her war adviser, Catcher loves to spar with her. Good friends.
Croaker - Catcher thinks he's a dweeb, but a good looking dweeb.
Vish-Taal - Mad respect and too hot (hot damn).

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Finished Art, Fullbody, Color, Yes, Panels x1, Word Count:201, Proper Grammar & No Mispellings

Pokemon of Choice gained 20 HP, 4 Attack, 8 Defense, 9 Sp. Attack, 14 Sp. Defense, 8 Speed.
Pokemon of Choice has earned 63 stat points! Pokemon of Choice gained 12 levels!
Please reply with which pokemon is claiming these rolls.

Trainer earned 59 Trinities.
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I would like to give them to Clayrun!
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2 hot (hot damn)

I love her hair tho. <3 And her outfit.