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Worbla Armor Tutorial

For my next cosplay project I'll have to create a ton of armor pieces. While my progress, I recorded some steps and made a tutorial out of it.
I want to add that english is not my mother-language. So please excuse for eventual mistakes. If something is unclear, or do you have questions on anyway, feel free to ask me.
I'm also thinking of doing an armor painting tutorial. Interested in?

Please tell me if this tutorial was helpful. I'd also be glad if you maybe show me your armor progress and results you did with using this tutorial! :)

By the chance: I'm actually open for smaller armor parts commissions.
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I tried to read it 5 times but I still do not understand the first part. I don't understand how transferring on the cellular rubber works :c 
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anyone know how they do detailing like this with metal?
Yeah, Cellular rubber would translate best as craft foam or EVA foam here in North America.
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where can one get this cellular rubber?
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To be honest I am not sure if I got the Translation right here. In german cellular rubber is 'Moosgummi' - which can be also translated to expanded-, foam- or sponge-rubber. Maybe that helps to understand what that is. You should be able to get that stuff at an art suplly store.
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How thick is the foam or rubber?
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I usually use two different ones (depense how thick the final Piece should be) 3 and 5 mm
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I think the most common term in English is "craft foam".
Anyway, thank you very much for the tutorial!
And if I may ask, where do you get worbla in Germany?
Necr0w's avatar
oh sry, didn't know that.

in General I order my worbla at
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Thank you so much for this tutorial
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Warum bist du so gut, Junge :y
Sephirayne's avatar
Great tutorial. Good pictures and description.
Necr0w's avatar
Thank you. I'm glad if it's somehow helpful! : )
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You're welcome ^_^.  Yes it is.
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Wow Junge, das sieht fantastisch aus! Ich hatte keine Ahnung, dass man Worbla so verarbeiten kann. Jetzt bekomm ich selbst Lust auf das Zeug. :V
Danke für das Tutorial und weiterhin viel Erfolg mit dem Cosplay!
Necr0w's avatar
Hey danke dir.
Ja, wusste ich vorher auch nciht - bis ich es ausprobiert habe. Schön ist halt an dieser Methode, dass man keine hässlichen Klebekanten hat, wie man es halt hätte, wenn man alle Aushebungen Stück für Stück appliziert.
Ich kann nur wieder dazu beipflichten, es mal auszuprobieren. Macht echt Spaß damit zu arbeiten.
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