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Hanging by a moment

by Marco Edelman

MUA Betsy Schimmel
Image details
Image size
3888x2592px 2.51 MB
Canon EOS 1000D
Shutter Speed
1/40 second
Focal Length
30 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Oct 9, 2011, 2:40:34 PM
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lovely face with tease to feel
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Kissed by fire beauty 
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I love the way the lighting makes your hair and eyes, just absolutely, pop. You are absolutely gorgeous, I just love looking through your photography pieces!!!
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great, compliments for your shoot and your amazing works, and your great beauty....:rose:
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This is lovely.:rose: I don't know why but this reminds me of a murder mystery done on PBS's "Mystery." :skull:
Wish this was a wallpaper. :D

NOTE: Wife walked in (love the pose/photo) and agrees, looks like a scene from a Mystery tale on PBS.... just have to remember which one?
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Thanks so much (:
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this is so beautiful :) <333
NeciaNavine's avatar
Ohh thanks dear ^_^
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you're welcome C: i LOVE how your hair is fading!! it looks super pretty c: almost like fire!

also, i realized something the other day while i was looking at some of your photos. i have an original character, and she was originally sort of loosely based off of me, but i never really figured out a good way to find reference pictures for her. so while looking at your pictures i realized that you are PERFECT for it. i was wondering if that would be okay? :) could i use some of your photos as references, and essentially put you in her clothes, and do your hair like hers? i would of COURSE credit you every time, and if you wanted i could link you to the drawings too c:
NeciaNavine's avatar
Thanks so much! I like that about it too, I need to freshen up my colours though!

Ohh well, yes I guess that's fine! If you could post something like I gave you exclusive permission or whatever because I don't want everyone going off and drawing my pics haha :p just show me what you make and link me back and I'm okay with it! ;)
Emma-Jen's avatar
EEK :D really?! THANKYOU <3 i will put those exact words in the descriptions c: <333 you're so sweet. i'm so overwhelmed by how nice you've been to me. :blush:

<3 i will try to do you justice in my drawings! :)

just a little backstory on the character, she's living in a dystopian future, and she's a sort of renegade, an outlaw, but in a sort of punked-up way. the government is corrupt, and there are a bunch of people like her, called "killjoys" who are fighting against them! :) haha. she uses a ray gun, and wears combat boots and rainbow leggings, and a corset sort of shirt. :) this is one of my first sketches of her. [link] :D

i will definitely be sure to link you to every sketch i make! and i intend to make some drawings of just you, as you lol. you won't always be turned into Rainbow Riot c: :heart:
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'I'm standing here until you make me move
I'm hanging by a moment here with you'

I don't know if you were referencing Lifehouse or not, but it fits this picture so perfectly. A moment in time, stark, and frozen, waiting for a heartbeat to move forward, and time starts all over again. Wonderful shot, thank you so much for sharing.
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Yes! I love Lifehouse (:

Thank you so much !
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Very nice! Great contrast between the texture of the wall and the figure. :) Very well done!
utterly FANTASTIC! the pose is astounding, but the colors of the wall against the red of her hair, and the beautiful pink of her skin just make this picture! Very good job to the both of you (photographer and model).
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Lovely makeup and expression. :)
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lovely photo! :love:
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Another wonderful picture, I love it!
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If only it had been sho with a Custom White Balance to contrast your beautiful light skin with the color of the wall but it may have been a product of tranference of the blue wall color onto your skin by the lighting setup.
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No idea what caused it here
But I like the coldness of this picture..
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