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4K Watcher Rewards Series: Rapunzel in the Tower

So I had released this one quite some time ago on Discord, but I felt it was too soon at that time to release a 4K watcher celebration. But now that I'm
only about 70-ish watchers away I figured now was good as time as any to start releasing the first of my celebration awards as thanks to all you guys support.
Ya'll are awesome thank you!

Rapunzel belongs to Disney all rights reserved to them and their wonderful character (go watch their film tangled if you enjoy good Disney flicks).

Once I actually hit the mark I should have more freebies for artists as well. ^^
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Rapunzel: "I'm gonna need BOTH feet for this."

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Best Disney Princess with beautiful feet <3

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One of everyone's fav Disney barefooters.~

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Couldn't agree more, thanks for the comment ^^

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ah this is a favourite, hope to see more rapunzel in the future

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Very nice work. She looks very good here. Especially her cute feet.
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Rapunzel is so sexy

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Yeah, I agree. She is one of best Disney girls.
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Which Disney girl do you think is the hottest?

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It is hard to tell. They got so many good ones. I like Rapunzel, Esmeralda, Kida, Queen La and Ariel.

Who is your favorite?
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Rapunzel from tangled. She's so sexy 😍

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She is indeed. Best Disney girl they did in a long time back then. This movie kinda started somewhat of a Renaissance for Disney movies.
Frozen was a good movie, too. But for me Elsa and Anna are not as attractive as other Disney girls.
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I agree. I never thought Elsa and Anna were attractive, but Rapunzel and Ariel and princess Jasmine and Nani pelekai are the 4 sexy ones I like

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Such a total little cutie 
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She's in my top 10 sexiest animated females

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Gotta love Barefoot (Always!) Rapunzel!
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Rapunzel from tangled is underrated

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So much detail!! Awesome!

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holy fuck this is the most brilliant thing you've ever done
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I still wish she looked this good in the video game and cartoon show.
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Yeah Rapunzel was sexiest on tangled

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This is INSANELY good, but in particular for three main reasons that make it BELIEVABLE too

1) her expression is absolutely spot on and nails her innocent curious character

2) the shape of her feet and the way her toes are flexing is exactly how she poses them in the movie!

3) the finer details that make it screen accurate, like the purple pillow! Amazing choice!!!

So many characters I’d love to sW brought to life by you, have you ever seen or used How to Train Your Dragon models? Or Attack on Titan ones? xD

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I don't use models I make them for the most part haha. With clothes and hair being an exception where I likely just do modifications and texture editing.
I don't have any characters from those series yet unfortunately. It's a matter of what people commission of me most of the time.

Thanks for enjoying my art!
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