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:iconnebulanovia:NebulaNovia posted a status
Gahhh I have a fishtank with two Lyertail Mollies in it and I just found out that Oscar, the Cemecicle Lyretail Molly is in fact a girl. Whoops! Guess I'll have to buy another one and make sure its a boy because I want lil baby fishes!!

Devious Comments

Marsh-Mal-Oh Featured By Owner Edited Jul 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
They have 100s of live fish and can have 100s every month. Granted most don't live but if they do, your tank can become crowded very very fast. Just a fair warning to you before you proceed. My college roommate and I started with 2 supposedly female mollies and ended with 30 in a 10 gallon tank.
NebulaNovia Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Uh oh heehee
Sorry about your roommate! Thats rough!!

Well ive done my research on mollies and know this so I've got my babies a 45 Gallon tank <3
Im also going to keep a close eye on the population
And i do have a place to take the other fish if they do get overcrowded

Thank you for the information though <3
Its nice to see someone who knows about mollies and overcrowding fish
I see too many people putting too many fish in tiny tanks :c
Marsh-Mal-Oh Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Just wanted to be sure you were aware! It can be a hassle of you're not prepared. Glad to hear you have a good environment for them!
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