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:iconnebulanovia:NebulaNovia posted a status
For people who don't fucking understand my auctions or auctions in general c:

SB: The starting bid is the absolute minimum amout of money I'll take
AB: The absolute maximum I'll take

My AB prices are NOT me expecting that amount of money. EVER.
Its a CEILING. Meaning that I am NOT comfortable taking anything more than my AB price.
Stop fucking assuming I expect 100$ for something, because I fucking don't, I expect the SB. Jesus

Devious Comments

caiterprince Featured By Owner May 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
TBH - and I know you don't but like this is a huge flaw with art culture in general? - even if you DID want 100 for a design, you'd DESERVE it. Your hard work goes into your designs, why the hell shouldn't you charge what you want? You have really incredible designs and they're well worth the money. People undervalue artists SO DAMN OFTEN and while I know you're not comfortable taking more - and I don't mean this to push you into taking more - the fact that people assumed that's what you wanted and then gave you shit about it is ridiculous. That would be a bargain and what people run away with at auctions is a bargain holy shit. Support the artist, people, stop undervaluing them so you can get what you want. 
NebulaNovia Featured By Owner May 23, 2017  Student Digital Artist
All I can say to this comment is bless you
Im so glad someone understands ;-; -hugs gently-
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