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:iconnebulanovia:NebulaNovia posted a status
    I'm actually quite curious and quite surprised to see votes on the poll about drawing mild NSWF (super-nova-splash.deviantart.c… ) that says "No please don't. I would think less of you for doing that :/ " 
    I am also a touch angry at those users. Granted I shouldn't put up an option on a poll that says something that might offend me but I still think those 6 people (as of now) are pretty rude for saying that. Yes I get it, you have a full right to dislike art that's NSFW because it may make you uncomfortable ect ect, but to think less of someone just because they draw horse asses is pretty bad. 
Don't be that guy who shames people for that. And for those who will say "Well you didn't give a proper 'no' option on the poll. They probably just wanted to stop you from making NSFW art" 
There was another option that said they simply wouldn't veiw it. I didn't put a no option because I'm going to do it anyways despite people saying not to. I wanted to see if people would think less of me. Obviously there is and those people should probably just unwatch me. 
    Once again you have every right to dislike NSFW art. But you should never think less of someone for doing it. Ever. This is right up there with 'Kink Shaming'. It's rude, inconsiderate and conceded to think yourself above someone because they draw the asses of horses. 

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