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:iconnebulanovia:NebulaNovia posted a status
I swear to the almighty Orbite Goddess

I will start throwin' stuff if people keep noting me about the new Orbite rule
"Any and all Orbites made from the posting of this rule onward -that have Celestial Traits- are no longer permitted to have Co-Ownership"

I know. The rule upsets people and I have received many "opinions" and "suggestions" about the rule but like NO. The rule isn't changing guys! Its there for a reason!
Remember how many Orbites have been made with Celestial traits? Remember how many Orbites that don't have Celestial Traits? Litterally 2% of Orbites have Celestial traits, and this counts to the ones made BEFORE the rule was put in place (Keep in mind- Orbites made with Celestial traits are STILL ALLOWED TO CO-OWN!).
Stop noting me about it. Its not changing.

Devious Comments

ElsaTinuviel Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016  Student Writer
I mean, I can identify why people are mad, I was at first, but I understand why. And I can just enjoy other people's until I can buy my own.
ThunderStruck17 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Well then. .w.
Tayaspirits Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016  Student General Artist
Just saying it's harder for people to purchase expensive stuff so co owning helps to sell. That's all I've gotta say
NebulaNovia Featured By Owner Edited Aug 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist
In all honesty
Its not exactly my problem if someone can't afford something of mine :/

Why should I work so hard to create original (mostly) unique designs just to sell them for cheap? Yes, they are expensive, but that also isn't my problem either. If you check and see most of my auctions start around 5$ (more or less) with a minimum increase of 1$ or more. The AB is not usually added until after I get a price range for what people are willing to pay. And even then sometimes they aren't ABed. So its others who are technically making my adopts 'expensive'. Sure I guess I could put the AB price lower but sometimes the bidding goes beyond the orgininal AB I had in mind fairly quickly (to my surprise tbh) and even then- I'll point back to the fact that I- as a hard working artist like many on this site- shouldn't underprice myself.

Due to all the pressures of people shouting 'too expensive' have many many artists self consious about their prices and questioning themselves on how much they think their art is worth. Of course if they are comfortable with their prices its alright. But my point still stands.

I could probably understand if the whole species was suddenly clamped off on Co-Ownerships with all traits--but it seems restricting only one trait is too much .
I could also be an ass and tell people who already co-own with Celesital Orbites--before the rule was created-- to no longer co-own. But I don't.

Co-Owning doesn't help sell or cause sales to drop in my opinion. From what I see people will co-own without my saying anyways (which ya know whatcha gonna do right? -shrugs- ) if they really wanted to. So who's to stop them from buying?

Sales don't matter to me as much as it matters to run the species as smoothly as possible anyways. If limiting a small portion of traits help cut off Co-Ownership haggles and preserve rarity/value, then so be it.

Then, theres the fact that I'm not running the only species that restricts Co-Ownerships. In fact, most species that restrict co-ownerships restrict it for every adopt or character. But I've already went over how I deal with that.

There are 105 (plus a few upcoming adopts i've been stockpilling) Orbites currently on the masterlist. (And i believe that there are still a few not on the masterlist!). Out of that is 7 Orbites with Celesital traits--one of which is still allowed to co-own due to being made before the rule
Doing the math that means 4% of Orbites are not allowed to co-own.
I honestly don't know what to tell people when they get so upset over it.
I'm sorry its just how it is. I use this rule to ensure rarity and value and also protect from any Co-Ownership problems.
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