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:iconnebulanovia:NebulaNovia posted a status
Is it just me or aren't the presidential canidates supposed to be talking about how they can run and improve America not talking about how other canidates and how they'll ruin America?
It honestly sounds like middle schoolers arguing. Who cares what the other canidates may do or not do? Aren't you supposed to prove to American's that you can make America better?
Grow up presidential canidates.

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TheStarsofPines Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2016  Student General Artist
It's been that way for years. Commercials aren't really a way for the people to get information, but rather look into the candidates themselves. Problem is, much of the American people have lost interest in politics and will blindly follow whoever they believe matches their personal beliefs without fact checking in the slightest.
ThunderStruck17 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Well you see, it actually used to be like that.

But with the large turn of the democratic party being completely different than what they used to be, the introduction of the libral party, and subsections of each party, it's only created high tension, different viewpoints, and large fights to try and get dirt on eachother.
skyrimfandom Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2016  Student General Artist
I'm scared for amarica...
SLAUGHT3RMEI0N Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Trump could make a good president, but he could also start wars..
Hillary's emails to the gov. Were found, but I'm not sure what was said in those..
I don't know. Where's Bernie when you need him?
NebulaNovia Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I am unsure on either president honestly
But I would be appaled if Hilary got the honor of first women president -.-'
She thinks she can be president simply because she's a woman and she is sexist.
She also is a lier and deciver.

All i see now are commercials and ADs payed to be made by her that only show how bad Trump is or whatever.
I havent seen any made by Trump but I could be wrong.
I think perhaps Trump is the lesser evil? Who knows...
SLAUGHT3RMEI0N Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Where I am I haven't seen any president commercials in forever tbh.
Trump could really make a good president
He isn't afraid to speak his mind , but that could cause problems
Hillary now, she just says she's gonna 'fix' the country, but she doesn't say in specifics WHAT she's gonna fix.
The-RRRaptor Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016  Student Digital Artist
That is so true.
digimonlover101 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 7, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Agreed, I wish we could do the primaries over again although I won't give the democrat (voters) too hard of a time since the poor guys had their primaries rigged (not saying that you are giving them a hard time just the politicians are).
broqentoys Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
down to Trump and Hillary. i think i might puke ;n;
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