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Whats your parasite nightmare? 

17 deviants said Bed Bugs
11 deviants said Bed Bugs
4 deviants said Bed Bugs

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LolitaCynder Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist

I got into a state program where I would be able to get help for an apartment (in terms of finding a place and having them cover electric/water/ect for me), but only in certain places.
I picked this quaint little apartment. Bought a new bed and started to move in. Mind you I'm paying almost $500 a month for this thing while working minimum wage.  While moving in one night, I go to the bathroom and, legasp, what's that on the floor crawling towards me? 
A god damn bed bug. 

Long story short, I had them spray in there every week and no results because some idiot thinks living with bb's are ok and refuses to let them spray the whole building/do what they need to to get rid of them. They had bed bugs before I even signed the damn papers and because I live in Ohio (one of the few places that DON'T require you to tell people 'hey I have this nasty creature :D' ), they didn't tell me. Nope. 
- After 50 failed attempts to get rid of them, I left. I never once spent the night in my own apartment yet I had to pay $500 per month to, at this point, store my shit in that bug infested hell hole. 
- This lasted for almost 5 months. My Christmas was just about ruined. 
- I had to throw away my bed. I cried and still tear up over it because I now sleep on a damn couch and it's horrible and I miss my bed. 
- I had to throw away my christmas tree + all the decorations. As well as my new rug. 
- One receptionist was nice, but the main one I had to deal with was a BITCH. She lived in the building and insisted 'she had no bed bugs'. She lost my papers about both my cat (being an ESA she was required to be with me), AND me going into part time (which they HAD to lower the rent because of that, as the program required them to and the program would cover the rest for me). Despite turning in the right forms to the right person and doing everything right, they still had my rent at nearly $500.
- They took my down payment EVEN THOUGH I did nothing to earn it being taken. Not to mention they STILL wanted MORE money out of me even though I already paid a full months rent after being there half a month. I still refuse to pay that. 
- The main receptionist knew of this bed bug issue, and I tried to leave during the day (you know, like a normal human?), she gave me a fuss. 
"Your going to track them all over." 
"You probably bought them here" 
"You're going to move your stuff? IN THE HALL?" 

Like at this point I went off on her because I sure as hell know that I didn't bring them. 

Anyway whatever stuff I really couldn't bring myself to throw away, I threw it in a storage unit and just went to town on that. I coated it in spray, I heated everything I could, I sprinkled some stuff on it, AND bombed it. And for good measure, I kept it in the storage unit for almost 2 years. 
EppyMinecart Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what about tape worms living in your bowels without you knowing, or a maggot living in your flesh or nasal cavity?
DarkBachuru Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017
lol At least you don't sleep with your head covered at night to avoid ANYTHING crawling into your ears.
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