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I have an idea for an Orbite event and I want to know what you think! Its a "Design a Class Type" contest. Only issue is the winner will not get the rights to that class type after winning and making it official. what do you think about that? 

29 deviants said t just depends! Im interested though!
26 deviants said Its a nice idea but I want rights for my idea (Which is understandable but I will not be giving rights out to anyone for orbites anytime soon. So the contest probably wont happen due to this)
15 deviants said No, this is a good contest! I wouldnt mind not having rights to the class type I create (Especially if i get credit)
3 deviants said No this contest seems too complex or silly.

Devious Comments

Gagoochi Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You could have people do basic ideas and come up with details yourself later. 
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