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Any suggestions or requests for Orbites and the Group? ((Other than obvious organization errors and over all exterior edits like the custom boxes on the front page)) This includes things like a new contest, events, new class releases/suggestions ect 

14 deviants said Conests!! (Similar to DTAs, MYO contests, Raffels)(
9 deviants said Guest Designer nominations!
5 deviants said Events!! ((Similar to the Breeding event (I wont be hosting a breeding event however))
5 deviants said Other?? (What else need fixing/improvement))
4 deviants said Adopt Suggestions!
3 deviants said New Classes!! (Comment any suggestions?))

Devious Comments

NebulaNovia Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Aaaah yes~ the lore is created and written up somewhere in my but its in need of edits before I post it

As for sheets for class types all class types have written trait sheets and I am slowly working on the visual part of the trait sheets
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