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I may put a limit on re-selling of Orbites ;n; 

3 deviants said I'd rather sell my Orbites to people who will care and keep their Orbites (once again, not saying that people who sold their Orbites are bad! I totally understand)
1 deviant said But it makes me a little sad when someone buys a character then almost the next day they sell it
1 deviant said So soon I'll be making a Rules and Regulations journal that covers all the rules of my page, characters, art ect ect
No deviants said Like, I understand that when you buy a character sometimes it doesn't work out and you don't connect
No deviants said Its totally ok to sell characters and I am not angry at anyone who does (and honestly I don't see it happen often with Orbites, mostly other species)
No deviants said Because to me, the love for the species and characters matter more than money. I want to see the species flourish and the characters being created and growing.
No deviants said Once the journal is up, all Orbites sold AFTER that journal is posted will have the 'No Re-sell blah blah" rules in effect. HOWEVER! That will be the only rule that effects SOME orbites. All the other rules will effect each and every Orbite.

Devious Comments

Littllebird Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
I actually haven't resold a character( I love them to much)
peaceouttopizza23 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I dunno why people keep reselling them; all of them are absolutely gorgeous and I'm frankly grateful to get a chance to own one qvq
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