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Wraith Rodney



The last in my series of Retrovirus Gone Wrong pics. The concept was originally =sueKay's I believe.

pic used as base: [link]

Explanation: Ok, at this "Allies" review thread: [link] we were discussing what might happen in the next episode of SGA. At least I thought it would be really boring if all that happened was John popped out of hyperspace, saved saved Earth and Ronan and Rodney right before the hive ship blew up, I was something a little more interesting to happen! So, SueKay suggested, what if they turned Rodney into a wraith? So this is my rodney as a wraith, and the previous Ronan too. (he doesn't have tattoos or long hair because he's supposed to be recently turned into a wraith). I'm seriously considering writing a fanfic.

I :heart: McKay! If it wasn't for his character, I would have no reason to Watch StarGate Atlantis, I would just be watching SG1 for Daniel, lol. And he still looks pathetic as a wraith! :aww:

Update: Ok, Rogue and I finished writing the fic, here it is: [link]

my other wraithatized team is here: [link]

I didn't make teyla a wraith cuz the makeup department has already done that: [link]

tho I have *drawn* her as a hybrid at least twice: [link] [link]
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lol, you saw into the future! Thanks a lot... I can't believe that when I thought about hpow he would look like as a wraith thanks to the retrovirus, I found this pic...