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The Plan of Salvation



A picture I had been thinking about doing for my parents for more than a year. Actually started it back in April. finally got the motivation to start when I had the idea to ask my sister if I could use her oil pastels. I've never worked with oil pastels before... so I should probably give this a try again and perhaps it will be better. Took a picture with my cell phone because that's what I had at the time!

The Plan of Salvation or Plan of Happiness is God's plan for us. For us to better ourselves so that we can be with Him again.

Swirling galaxy: Creation and Pre-existence. I believe, that like energy and matter, souls also can neither be created nor destroyed. We existed as intelligences since the beginning of whatever everything is and God gathered our intelligences and created spirits for us. That made more sense in my head.
White clouds/nebula: The veil of forgetfulness. One of the trials we have in life is the trail of faith... and that wouldn't work so well if we remembered perfectly our heavenly father and the plan that went down, now would it?
Earth-like planet: Mortality. The largest portion of the picture is the part we are in now, mortality, represented by the class-m planet (lol).
Purple portion of Nebula: Death. it's as part of life as birth... but that doesn't help it suck any less.
Moon with a lighter portion and a burning lower portion: Spirit World. The waiting place after our bodies have been separated from their spirits (death) until the resurrection.
Orange portion of nebula: Resurrection and Judgement. Eventually our spirits will be reunited in our bodies in a perfect form and we will be judged... placed into the level of heaven we belong.
Sun: Celestial Kingdom. The highest level of glory or whatever. Those who die while they are still innocent (children) are automatically granted this glory.
Moon: Terrestrial Kingdom. The middle kingdom -_-
Stars: Telestial Kingdom. The bottom of heaven, but still heaven.
Blackness at the bottom: Outer Darkness. The closest thing Mormons believe in as hell. You can't get here unless you try to.

I used various references but I didn't save most of them. The galaxy and planet reference I'm pretty sure I used something from [link]
I also plan to fix the layout when I get to a computer with photoshop. (I took the photo with my cellphone because I wanted to get this picture to my parents after failing for a couple of months, and now I'm at their place for Christmas without photoshop, lol)

edit: straightened with photoshop, changed the borders to digital because... well, the matting I had before was because the pages from the book my sister let me use didn't really match any standard frame sizes, so I had to make due.
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