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Sanctuary-Stargate Crossover



*click "download" for detailed view*

I don't think this has been done yet! Not that I've seen anyway :) I plan to add to this if I find I missed anyone or new former stargate actors guest star in the future ^^; Maybe I'll even redo two-face/chuck and Sgt. Kavanaugh/Maj. Lorne better and bigger, especially Kavan *swoon*.

Poor Ashley and Will, they didn't get the Dress-up-as-a-stargate-character memo. Tesla was the hardest to make look like his SGA counterpart since Parish isn't a very recognizable minor character if you ask me. I'm absolutely thrilled with how Watson/Tanith came out. I adored the Sanctuary character and it was good to see Peter in a different role tho I do love Goa'ulds too.

McGillion and Hewletts characters are small and in the back cuz I missed where they cameoed in the webisodes and all I had to work from was a couple of screenshots I found here or there.

I could have tried to combine Chris' 2 Sanctuary characters with his 4+ Stargate characters... but I get went with the two most fun: Druitt and Todd

Edit May 8, 2009: Redid Detective Lorne so that he's all detailed... ooops, much more detailed than everyone else :( And I added Dan Shea's role in both shows too: The guy who gets beat up. Poor guy =P Thanks to JasminaGo for helping me get screencaps of them :) here's a close up of the new guys since I gave them more detail than I should have: [link]

June 2: added David Nykl as a mix between our beloved Zelenka and the pilot from the Sanctuary episode "Kush"

Edit November 28, 2009: Added Panou, who played a villain replicator in Atlantis and a very minor role in an SG1 episode, I don't think I'll add any other very minor crossovers unless specifically requested. The rest I've added are new in season 2 of Sanctuary. Agam Darshi was the most important add since she's a new main character (I like her, but I also really want Ashley back!). She played Novo in "Outsiders" which I've hardly seen and a hard to spot Athosian. "Hero" brought Chris Gauthier who we've seen briefly in SGA's Trinity and SG1's Ark of Truth, but I more wanted to add him due to his familiarity in Eureka... but no, I can't start adding Eureka and BSG and other scifi crossovers, my brain might explode. Also added the guest stars from "Fragments" who are both SG1 veterans.

To come: Michael Shanks is guest staring soon, they've released promo photos but I'd rather wait to add him until I've seen the episode. I've also heard that Paul McGillon is also coming back, so that'll replace his original little character here after I've seen that episode.

Feb 2010: Added 3 more! well, added Shanks. McGillon and Chuck are redos, Paul because he was in Kali and Chuck cuz I thought he also deserved a bigger picture... tho that mullet!! I'm not thrilled with Shanks... I had another drawing for him but can't find it... hopefully I will soon. :hmm:

edit Feb 8 10, fixed daniel/jimmy

edit Nov 10 Added Gary Jones, Peter Flemming (both from bank job) and Martin Christopher (from trail of blood, judging by the intro that'll NOT be the last we'll see of him!)... maybe I'll add more later, I pondered the lead doc chick from Animus who played both Jonas' girlfriend in "Cure" and Beckett's girlfriend in "Poisoning the Well"... but naaaahh... I was so excited to watch Bank Job because I love Gary so much. seeing Peter made me spaz because... dude, he's playing the exact same character! How am I supposed to draw a combination? hence the FBI and NID badges! And the last is the often reoccurring but never playing a major role (until finally he got more love in Ark of Truth) is Martin Christopher as the Evil Priest in Sanctuary or pilot of every ship in stargate Major Marks.

update oct 11: been a while without an update, I actually blame syfy rewind for being very slow in posting new episodes. I could have had Pendergast and Mayborne up earlier if they had gotten around to Posting Carentan and Into the Black on time! :rage: I suppose I should get around to adding Adam Worth... but golly I don't remember his role in SG1! And I dunno what I was thinking drawing them in that style *shakes head*

Master list!
(Listed by date last drawn/posted)

March 2009 - (original picture, and more cartoony)
or-----------------------Stargate Character-----------------Sanctuary Character
Peter Winfield -------------------Tanith-------------------------------- James Watson
Jonathon Young----------------- Dr. Parrish-----------------------------Nikola Tesla
Chris Heyerdahl -- Pallan, Halling and Todd the Wraith -- Bigfoot, John Druitt1
Amanda Tapping---------------Samantha Carter---------------------Helen Magnus
Ryan Robbins--------------------Ladon Radim ----------------------------Henry Foss
David Hewlett ------------- Rodney McKay -------- Larry Tolson? I don't know
Robin Duane-----------------------------------------------------------Will Zimmerman
Emilie Ullerup----------------------------------------------------------Ashley Magnus
May and June 2009
David Nykl-----------------Radek Zelenka--- Pilot who dies in "Kush"-Strickland
Dan Shea-----------------------Sgt. Siler--------------Beat up officer in pilot ep-
Kavan Smith --------------- Major Evan Lorne ------------------ Joe Kavanaugh*
November 2009
Chris Gauthier-------------Hertis and Mattas ------------- Walter "The Adjustor"
Panou----------------------Cetus and Lt. Fisher-------------------------Sylvio Rudd2
Agam Darshi --- Athosian in Sacrifices, Novo, and Damji --- Kate Freelander3
Colin Cunningham---------------Major Paul Davis-----------------------------Gerald
Anne Marie DeLuise ---- Amy Vandenberg and Farrell -------------------- Rachel
February 2010
Michael Shanks----------------Daniel Jackson---------------------------------Jimmy
Paul McGillion----------------Carson Beckett---------------------Terrance Wexford*
Chuck Campbell-------------------Chuck------------------------------Two-Faced Guy*
November 2010
Gary Jones------------------MSgt Walter Harriman-------------------George (Bank Job)
Peter Flemming-----------Agent Malcolm Barrett-----FBI Special Agent Bruce Tanner
Martin Christopher-------------Major Kevin Marks----------------Father Clark
October 2011
Barclay Hope -------------- Col Lionel Pendergast ----- Carentan Commander
Tom McBeath ------------ Col Harry Maybourne -------- Gen Villanova

*Drawn for the original cartoony picture but small and have since been redrawn and posted on the dates shown
1 Crossover in picture is just of Todd/Druitt... mixing Halling and Pallan in as well would have been a mess, not to mention bigfoot!
2 Crossover drawn is just Sylvio/Cetus
3 Kate's outfit is a mix of her Athosian character's and Novo's outfits.

There are lots more actors I could do and haven't:

Most likely to do if I get the motivation, list is probably incomplete:
[link] - Nigel/Some reoccurring SGU guy (I don't watch SGU but my sister does, I can ask her about him and I'm sure I can find pictures)
[link] - Adam Worth/Some guy in Prometheus (if someone requests this one I'll actually sit down and watch the SG1 episode and try to remember the character)
[link] - Fallon/nurse in SGA:Vegas, female bounty hunter in Bounty (I would cross on the bounty hunter if I did this)
[link] - Abby/SGA:Aurora first officer that was really the wraith
[link] - Addison/Lotan
[link] - Sheila Delacourt/SGA Dr. Cole or SGU Dana

Minor characters, Will only do if someone specifically requests them:
[link] - Dr chick from Kush/Morgan Le Fey
[link] - Navajo woman from Eulogy/Charin (Teyla's old friend)
[link] - small flying abnormal in Eulogy/Dr Rothman
[link] - teen vamp/some SGU character
[link] - A folding man/lots of sg1 characters (Alex Zahara)
[link] - mob boss in penance/jaffa Shaq'rel*
[link] - another folding guy/Merlin
[link] - Fata Morgana chick/friend of the one chick in sga brotherhood
[link] - a cabal agent/random extras
[link] - a cabal leader/a jaffa and an NID guy
[link] - Kali, the main henchman/a monk in Kheb
[link] - Kanaan's Avatar/some SGA pegasus human
[link] - Bank Job guy/SGA inquisition guy and SG1 Heroes guy
[link] - trail of blood detective/various SG1 military dueds
[link] - guy in bank job/doc in Morpheus, Malikai in Window of Opportunity*
[link] - chick in bank job/some sgu chick
[link] - Animus mean doc/jonas' girlfriend in "cure" and carson's girlfriend in poisoning the well*
[link] - some animus guy/some sga brotherhood guy, some jaffa, I think
[link] - some into the black officer/some sgu guy
[link] - Herusan?/a jaffa
[link] - Ravi/A jaffa (I would totally do this one just cuz I love Ravi, I had no idea he played a jaffa!)
[link] - a us soldier in normandy/Cassandra's boyfriend in Rite of Passage/One False step Joe?
[link] - Normandy: Hallman/Talion: Nisal
[link] - Awakening: Caston/Travelers: Nevik
[link] - five: vamp/Various
[link] Finn Noland/Ferretti or SGA Michael for "Allies"
[link] Monsoon Thug Boss/SG1 Colonel William Ronson
[link] Monsoon: Brad Sylvester/Forsaken: Aden Corso
[link] Monsoon Photographer/Ethon Rand Protectorate Tech
[link] Agent Gavin Crealy/4th Horseman: Col Johnson

*Starred ones I actually recognized the first time I watched the episode. The rest I didn't realize until looking at IMDB.
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