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Redemption Squad -Garg MLPs

Another group I decided I wanted to add to my collect of gargoyles as My Little Ponies. I think this is all I will do tho, so if someone wants to help me do the rest of the gargoyles characters as my little ponies?? especially now that I've got the :icongargoyles-crossovers: group stood up?? :D

Their butt symbols are supposed to be a combination of their code-names and where they are from:

I forgot until after I got them colored I wanted to incorporate a bit of their uniforms into the ponies..

Dingo and Hunter are tease-glaring at each other, Matrix, beside Dingo all the way, is just chillin'. Yama and Fang are fighting, they are such opposites, they hate each other, but I see a budding bromance coming (you know, they start off hating each other and become best of friends like of bromance, like G'Kar and Lando :D G'Kar of course being Yama)

Fang: Mutant, New York (Fred Sykes before transformation)
Yama: Gargoyle, Ishimura, Japan (Yama means mountain, tried to for a Mt. Fuji the iconic mountain of Japan, and ended up putting my attempt at drawing Japan on his ankle.)
Matrix: Artificially Intelligent goop of nano-bots (yeah yeah, my nanobot on his rear looks more like a chip diagram from my CpE/EE classes.)
Dingo: Human, Australia (had to redo his Australia on the computer when I realized just how much I had gotten it wrong on the computer, his outfit is more like his former PACK one. This is the first Gargoyle MLP I've drawn more than once [link] ) Real Name: Harry Monmouth (really? who names their son something that sounds like "hairy mammoth"?)
Hunter: Human, Scotland (went for a scottish flag since I'm not sure what Scotland if a very recognizably shaped country) Real Name: Robyn Canmore

Rest of series:
Main Clan
Xanatoses and Pack
London Clan
Bluestone, Demona, and Macbeth
Weird Sisters
Cold Clan
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Well, Dingo's mother was only 18 when he was born. In my fic, she also gave him the middle name "Elvis", so his name sounds like "Hairy Elvis".
Love your MLP pics! Can you do Staghart and Coco?