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Ok, I better explain, first of all, ~HyperCaz requested a Carson pic. Second, at the McWeir Forum a conversation started about how Elizabeth and John were wearing leather in the promo pics, lol, for some reason we got onto a tanget about other team members being in leather. You'd think at a mckay/weir forum, it would be McKay we were talking about seeing in leather.... NO! It was Miko and Zelenka we were talking about putting in leather, lol! Anyway, so I actually thought about drawing them in leather and never did. but when Caz requested a pic, I decided to do this.. and I thought, hey, why not put in him on a bike?? and of course I always have to make things shippy, hehe, so I put Laura riding with him :D

yeah, sorry they don't look very much like them and I never draw motorcycles....
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:aww: So cute! Carson 'n' Laura are always so sweet! Wonderful picture! :love: