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Tali - Voyager

Myself as Tali'Zorah from Mass Effect. Costume made by Erikku-kun and me.
Photo and edition:iconhidrico:
Original picture (before and after):…

This is an incredibly wonderful image from our last month's Mass Effect photoshoot. I love Hidrico's work and I couldn't help going back to his studio when I remade my Tali costume. I'm very thankful to him and :icondawnarts: for being so kind to us. We had a great time shooting and this is amazing! One of the things I like the most about Hidrico is that he doesn't change any shape of my costume and, of course, I love the images he creates, the enviroment, the colors, everything! :heart: We took some more pictures that day, so I hope we can upload them in the future. Hope you like it.

:facebook: page

Costume tutorials:

- Catsuit:…
- Hood and fabrics:…
- Gloves, sleeves and feet:…
- Mask:… (Taking references from :icontroodon80:)
- Leg armor:… and…
- M-5 Phalanx heavy pistol:…

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this is the best! XD
Mike1518's avatar
Awesome costume! this has to be like, one of the best costumes ive ever seen period!

So I hope you dont mind all the favorites I just added of these. xD
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This should be a DD, omigosh *u*
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That's amazing!
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This is amazing! May i ask how you made the helmet? s well as the feet? I'm planning on doing a Tali cosplay myself and i really could use some help for those parts :D (Big Grin)
Nebulaluben's avatar
Hi! Thank you so much!
You can see how I made my helmet in my blog… There are also few more tutorials on how I made the rest of the costume ^^ It's written in spanish, but you can choose your language by clicking on your flag at the top of the blog. The translating tool is not perfect, but I think it fulfils it function :P
Heh great work, very real-like. Now, I wonder if the legs are bent below the knees, you know, Quarian style :D
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holy cow this looks good!!
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Saw several Tali-cosplays, but thís is stìll unsurpassed. The cut, the finishing, the way You stitched several materials together, the impeccable coice of materials to reflect the different parts....

Damn! It's even better than mány, if not all, Hollywood costumes.

To the Mass-Effect Movie-people: We found Your executive designer/seamstress..
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:D thank you so much! I really like to put my attention on the textures and Tali is so full of them! Glad you appreciate our effort. We make this with all our love.
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This is way too awesome!! Great job
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that is so awesome O_O wohoooo
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really amazing!!!
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Wow, very cool.
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