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Peebee cosplay 1

Myself as Peebee from Mass Effect Andromeda. Costume made by me.
I know there are some details missing in this costume, I still have to finish some things. The hype was so high and I'm enjoying the gameplay so much that I wanted to take pictures as soon as possible, haha. I'll keep on working on it!! :) 

Picture taken between me and my boyfriend, edited by me.

Cosplay tutorials:
- Jacket.
- Pants.
- Asari headpiece: 1/2
- M5 Phalanx heavy pistol.
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Mar 26, 2017, 3:52:53 PM
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Holy shit that cowl. 
michaelk42's avatar

Screw games, you've kicked all kinds or cosplay ass here.
Spirit-Knight's avatar
Very nice cosplay.  Love Peebee in the game, congrats you've really captured her image..    Where'd you get the gun?
Nebulaluben's avatar
Thanks! I also made the gun ^^
Spirit-Knight's avatar
Well, that's even more impressive.  Did you use a mold or is this scratch built?  How long have you been doing this because that's a very nice replica.  What's it made out of ?   What's the record for questions asked in a row?  :)
Nebulaluben's avatar
Scratch built. You can see how we made it here… ^^
Spirit-Knight's avatar
Thanks for sharing the link.  It looks very detailed and also looks hard to do. nice job!
BlackDragonDisciple's avatar
Wow. That's really cool cosplay!
theEyZmaster's avatar
So cute! :love:
Lovely cosplay! Stunning photo^^
TANKOR92's avatar
Fantastic job, you really managed to replicate the look of the character.
Glablit's avatar
this looks great 
Swifty89-93's avatar
WorthlessBums's avatar
This is excellent!
AengelWolflare's avatar
I don't want to say great cosplay, cause the source material is shit.
Any way, well done.
Arctic--Revolution's avatar
Absolutely amazing!  One of my favorite characters from the new game and you cosplay her perfectly!  Really great job! :D
WilliamFDrake's avatar
I met her yesterday for the first time and I can't figure her out. She seems a little bit odd.
Saker4868's avatar
Incredibly well done!!
DannyboyO1's avatar
Fek, that's incredible. It just came out. Doing so damn well so damn fast is crazypants-awesome. Kudos to you and your beau.
Nebulaluben's avatar
Haha. I didn'tmake it so fast. I've been working on this costume since the first trailer came out and I rushed when Bioware released the character kit about a month and a half ago. Making the headpiece took me one month :p I just started working on it soon!
DannyboyO1's avatar
That's a lot more sensible. Still quite awesome. I... forgot there must have been trailers. So, you're not actually possessed of magical tailor powers. Just... normal, everyday, hard work and talent. :D
Aw! I love Peebee!
RipperMadness's avatar
Frikkin' Amazing!
ImplosionTherapy's avatar
This looks great!
But I think you're supposed to be holding the gun backwards so it's more like the game ;D
YRPOtaku169's avatar
Amazing cosplay! You even have the gun facing the correct way!
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