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Model IA-4: Cross-Section

IA = Intelligent Aviation.

Intelligent aviation enabled the ornithopter to fly almost entirely without any manual control: with the exception of take off and landing. The Michonrix: source of the intelligence, married the engine and navigational systems into one package. With its commands, the ornithopter was able to fly from destination A to B; avoiding obstacles and rough air along the way. The Michonrix also powered the ship as a whole, using a mix of electronic and solar power.

To protect the helium chamber (additional buoyancy), bumpers were inserted on the exterior of the chest cavity, lined with airbags that would inflate automatically upon rough impact.

Note: The ship doesn't actually have broken apart floaty parts like this. I cut it so you can see the inside! Well ... not really but I tried.

Please do not use this without my permission. Thank you!
Intelligent Aviation (c) :iconnebulafire:
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Epic!!  Looks similar to the Weatherlight form MTG!!  Amasing
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This is so friggen cool!!!
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If they're dangerous

EVERY DIAGRAM YOU DRAW LOOKS SO PRO. After comment-stalking Kaitlin, I am inclined to agree with her. HECK YES fill a book with all of the extra history and scientific treasures that might not make it into the comic straight up. It would be like those Dragonology or Wizardology books except better. ZENIAOLOGY.

I love how much more streamlined the design has gotten. It's so much smaller, but it still looks like it would have an easier time staying up in the air as compared with the original style.
OH MAN I FORGOT TO ASK YOU THIS YESTERDAY. Are there different styles of airship for different missions (like scouting, transportation, etc.) or is this a one-size-fits-all sort of design?

The airbags are my favorite part, lol. I can see Fynley landing the ship with such elegance and refinement that all of them go off simultaneously and launch the ship back up into the sky backwards. Like a giant trampoline. PHYSICS. IT COULD HAPPEN.
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I have to draw a bunch of pumas just, floating around in there. It could fit a lot of pumas.

THANKS! :-) Zeniaology! Wah! Okay, you come up with the titles for me lol, that's awesome.

Thanks again! Yeah, the other one was substantially bulky, and not very aerodynamic. Like that dragon in HTTYD. How did that ...? Nevermind.

YES PROBABLY ... Like little aeroplane things ... but I just, don't draw them ever because it takes a really long time for me to come up with stuff like this.

BOUNCE. She still doesn't wake up from her nap. "Landed elegantly."
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the boat plane thing is broken! someone cut it apart! how can it fly? it is broken! there are 4 little ones that will all fall down! i think you should work on getting a working one.....

jk no sorry to be a pest. love it like always.

(but it still is broken)
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What ever are we going to do? What are we going to doooo

:D Thanks!

You crack me up.
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mmmmmm you crack me up too! and you crack up ships.... which not good to fly in.

actually....... whoa.... lost my train of thought. hahahaha..... >>

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Lol. Cats.

Oh, you :-)
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this is so fantastic. i love the amount of care you put into making these things plausible and realistic :)

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Thanks, EA! :D

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this is really cool, it kinda reminds me of a giant wasp...where'd you get the design from?
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Dude, I totally see what you're saying about the giant wasp. I see it too!

From my imagination! :-)
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lol! that's so cool! A person's imagination is something else, and your's just comes up with some pretty cool things!:)
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you're welcome!:)
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And Victorian ships.
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Okay seriously, I mean seriously you really need to make a book on the side, that you can sell in addition to the comic with all this stuff in it. It could be like a guide to flight book, but all fantasy and kick ass. And you could put other stuff in there too like the creatures and dragons and all their types, and the fables and such that you've made up.

Because seriously. That would be kind of awesome. Just sayin. Plus, it would give so much more depth to the story that you may not otherwise be able to put into a comic. AND you can sell it for extra bucks. I know I'd buy it. Hell people who don't even know about the story would probably buy it. It could almost be sold on it's own.

Alright, it's settled. This is something that you have to do at some point in time.

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Oh man Kaitlin, thank you so much! SCIEENENENNENENENNCNCCEEEEEEE

I want to do that ... as I'm writing the outline and the parts where they're reading about the people in history that helped make flight possible, I can't fit it all in the comic but OH GOD IT'S SO MUCH FUN TO MAKE UP HISTORY




I'd make it so it's not like, qualified to read in order to understand the story ... but it connects in ways and would be kinda cool to know, I'd think! That's what you were thinking though! :-)

Thanks again! :-) Woo I'm typing really fast today for some reason it's kinda aweosme blelbleblble I'm done sorry. Done.
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I have to say, that is on amazing ship. It'd be amazing if modern day technology could come up with anything comparable, but well, no. It's pretty damn awesome. ^^
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Thank you so much :-)

There actually is an ornithopter in real life! [link] It kinda ... doesn't work very well but hey, at least it looks cool.
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Woah! That's actually seriously cool!
And hey, if it's been created, that means they'll be able to make it fully functional eventually. Oh the possibilities!
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Isn't it? They made a successful man powered one as well ... [link]

You're right ... it's entirely possible! :D
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