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The Curious and the Shiny (Revised) - Chapter 20

Chapter 20. Showtime, in More Ways Than One

(So, when did you start properly learning to speak the human tongue?)
Actually, we made a bit of progress on it not long after the first week ended. That was around the time we started to learn to fight as well, and learn other things such as how to tell the time and how to add numbers up together, although I kind of bombed at both of them at first. It's quite a lot to talk about at once though, so what do you wanna know?
(The speaking lessons, please.)
Alright then, more of that. I mean, we basically touched on more of what I talked about before, like how human sounds are different in meaning to what we say in our own language. The week before with Azzy was just finding out what all the possible sounds were and how to connect them to letters. After a while, I learned how to connect the two together, but when Azzy started his next round of lessons, he started talking about words.
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The Curious and the Shiny (Revised) - Chapter 19

Chapter 19: First Fight or Flight

(So, when you started your schedule, what were the first few lessons like? Did you find an early interest in learning human speech?)
Well, how interesting do you think it is to listen to some blue rabbit repeating the alphabet several times over, then making you do the same thing? Not very. A lot of it was just going into the basic mechanics of pronunciation. How do you make that into a story? Wouldn’t this bomb if this was a film?
(Yes, but what about the mechanics of Pokemon speech, and how do they relate to you learning about human speech? This would help us understand your difficulties.)
Oh, so you want to get technical, huh? Well, I can’t really say I’m the best Mon for that sort of thing. Shine is a better teacher than me in that sense. But I can offer my input here, plus what I learned from them.
When you first speak, as a Pokemon, you don’t really thi
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Blank Slate - A Black Paint Prequel (Part Two)

The rest of the night passed with ease. The morning after, Sal and Harvey were instructed to draw the still life in front of them. It consisted of a few berries, clear pitchers of water, and pieces of cloth draped over a table with the backlight of the studio windows shining onto it. The two worked side by side while the other Pokemon in Harvey's team slept. Their tutor occasionally peered in to check their progress.
Once Santiago declared both their works finished, he stared at the canvases of the two. Sal’s painting on the left was a faithful recreation of the scene before him, as the objects looked exactly as they appeared in the composition with enhanced colours, making it look like heightened reality. Harvey’s drawing on the right, however, looked off, since the angles seen in the drawing didn’t match what was actually there. He had a feeling it would come to that, which was why he requested Harvey to not go any f
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Tony Lefevre (Shine's Trainer) [PKMN] by NebulaDreams Tony Lefevre (Shine's Trainer) [PKMN] :iconnebuladreams:NebulaDreams 6 2
The Curious and the Shiny (Revised) - Chapter 18

Chapter 18. First Day's Daze

Having grown up on the island, especially as spring came in, I saw a lot of colours. Blue, green, yellow, brown, more blue, for my family of course, and all its different mixtures in the sky. Since I saw those same colours for so long, I was startled whenever something unnatural came onto the island, like a metallic boat, for instance.
Now take that and apply it to an entire room coated in grey, with only bright red lights to illuminate anything. That's where I found myself the first thing after I got out of the Pokeball. A chill ran through my spine all the way to my tail. I span around in a circle, trying to make sense of the room, which was spacious, but felt completely closed off as there were no passages outside as far as I could see. I turned to see Azzy and Mack, which soothed those jitters, but found them coming back when I realised I was still in that darkly lit room.
"What is this?" I said.
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The Curious and the Shiny (Revised) - Chapter 17

Chapter 17. Interlude: Ambrette's Diners
Shine headed back home to the apartment, and cooled himself as he laid down in a shady spot. It had turned quiet without Curio, a silence he could've done with after his argument with her. The breeze came in lightly through the window. The clock ticked in the background. It would’ve been a couple more hours until Tony came back home.
To pass the time, he thought he'd check the network for any new messages, and he clicked in silence: nothing new from Barley or anyone else. Shine entertained the idea of sending him a message instead, just to say hello, but as he stared at the blank text box, he might as well have been mute as no words could escape his lips. He had a history of making new contacts on that site, only to get too cramped up to reply back.
He abandoned the idea and went back to his usual pastime, getting a fantasy book out from his makeshift shelf and picking a spot in the indoor shade to
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The Curious and the Shiny (Revised) - Chapter 16

Chapter 16. Interlude - Ambrette's Climbers

The next day started on an odd note. After Tony said his goodbyes to Shine for work, he came back with a bucket on his head; his suit dripping with water and covered in glitter. Tony had shock written on his face, probably the most surprised Shine had seen him in a long time, and Shine found himself feeling something similar.
"What on Earth?" Shine said.
"That's what I want to know!" Ugh!" Tony wrung his shirt dry, although the rest of his face was sparkling pink. "I can't go to the office like this, I need to get changed! Crap, I'm gonna be late at this rate!"
Tony rushed to the shower to rid himself of the sparkly substance. Shine thought he'd save some time for him by getting him a new change of clothes, all wrapped up beforehand for him, which he picked up with his mouth and laid at the nearest couch. He also thought he'd see who was responsible, if they were still around
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Cold Curio by NebulaDreams Cold Curio :iconnebuladreams:NebulaDreams 23 7
The Curious and the Shiny (Revised) Chapter 15

Chapter 15. Ambrette's Beach Bum​
"Right," Curio said, holding a paw up, "That's enough for now."
Tony complied and pressed the record button to stop. There was a moment of silence in the room as Curio stretched her arms, squirming in her seat.
“Well that was quite long, wasn’t it?” She stuck her tongue out to Shine. “Hope I didn’t make you fall asleep or anything.”
“No, not at all. I remember things more clearly now,” he said. “I recall you used to talk about them quite a bit.”
“Good to hear.”
Curio grabbed her bag and stood up, looking to Tony.
"We'll carry on tomorrow, alright? For now, I'm gonna buzz off somewhere else."
"Wouldn't you like to stay the night with Shine, though? I can pull up a bed if you want."
"No thanks, not in this shithole, and especially not with you."
Tony was about to respond when Curio made her way towa
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The Curious and the Shiny (Revised) - Chapter 14

Chapter 14. Not The Last Goodbyes, For The Most Part​

Being a human, you probably wouldn't know what it feels like to be trapped inside a ball. I don't really know for sure either, but that's where I ended up when I got knocked out anyway, inside a Pokéball.
Being unconscious and possibly concussed, my thoughts drifted in and out, playing back random scenes in my head, like that of Azzy and Liam. I can't really describe the feeling of it, but it's like you're there and you're not at the same time. Like you're floating in jelly, or something, At least floating in jelly sounds tasty. In there, it feels like nothing.
Time passed, and it didn't pass at all. But when I next woke up, the sky was black and speckled white. I didn't stir right away as I was battered and bruised from the previous encounter, but when I next opened my eyes, I saw the blue and white polka dots of Azzy's coat, along with the rest of my family crowding aroun
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Curio Improvement Meme by NebulaDreams Curio Improvement Meme :iconnebuladreams:NebulaDreams 13 0 Lucario Face Comparison by NebulaDreams Lucario Face Comparison :iconnebuladreams:NebulaDreams 13 5 Curio (Lucario) NEW Reference Sheet by NebulaDreams Curio (Lucario) NEW Reference Sheet :iconnebuladreams:NebulaDreams 39 5
The Curious and the Shiny (Revised) - Chapter 13

Chapter 13. The Reason We're Here, I Guess
My family waited with bated breath for me to arrive on the shore. My father acted aggressive at first towards the pair on the boat, but when Azzy explained himself, he only nodded and thanked them before telling them to leave. I waved back at them as they set sail, and once everyone was done giving affectionate hugs and kisses, thanking the White God I was safe, Dad grounded me from the shore.
Of course, that didn’t stop me I had plans later on. You could never keep me in one place for too long after all. Thoughts of the duo stayed with me all day, and over a quiet dinner, I thought about nothing but escaping.
I had a definite chance that time. I was given the opportunity to eat something else other than fish all day, everyday, to do something else other than lounge about all day, everyday, and possibly meet new people rather than being stuck with my family, all day, everyday. Even without that,
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Blank Slate - A Black Paint Prequel (Part One)

Santiago warmed his old bones by the fireplace of his cluttered studio. After a long day’s work of painting and exhibiting with little success, he needed the rest. Although he was content in his retirement to continue painting, outside of a light pension, he made little money from his efforts, which meant it only covered the basic rent and not the utilities.
Still, he had almost everything he needed, even if others didn’t envy his position. Almost. The hardest part was the loneliness. Not only with the lack of customers, day in day out, with no network aside from a handful of acquaintances. Even more than that, though, there was no one to continue his legacy. That was another side effect of being a hermit, he supposed. Deep down, he wished to confide in a lifelong companion, or even a Pokemon to distract him from his duties, or he was certain he would die alone and be buried along with his name.
Someone knocked at the window in his
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The Curious and the Shiny (Revised) - Chapter 12

Chapter 12. That Sinking Feeling​
Soon enough, I made my own maps with the paper Mom gave me, so I walked through and started marking any island I saw. I flexed my paws to measure it as I explained before, and moved onto the next one, marking each one as a 2D object on a flat surface without actually knowing any of the concepts. Primitive, sure, but think back to when you were a kid and there was that same magic of discovery. I’d do anything to capture that magic as an adult now, but oh well, I try. I must've been halfway done, occupied in my own little world before Stumpy came out of the forest and threw me off whack.
"What're you doing?" he asked.
"Drawin’ this place." I showed him the progress I made.
"That looks nothing like here."
"Well duh, I'm drawing it as if it was flat, that's what I decided to do."
"You're not up to something again, are you?"
"Of course not." I didn’t want to outright shoo him away, but I didn
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ChibiDex: #448 Lucario by SeviYummy ChibiDex: #448 Lucario :iconseviyummy:SeviYummy 789 23 Bone Rush - Pokemon Fan Art by Chander-Fox Bone Rush - Pokemon Fan Art :iconchander-fox:Chander-Fox 74 11 70'S GUMBALL by Infusions 70'S GUMBALL :iconinfusions:Infusions 81 1 Cursed Image #15156181080148780684162563.5 by LucarioOcarina Cursed Image #15156181080148780684162563.5 :iconlucarioocarina:LucarioOcarina 128 25 Animation WIP by Crett Animation WIP :iconcrett:Crett 5 1 (HALF) daisydage Commission by smashega (HALF) daisydage Commission :iconsmashega:smashega 56 0 Nott the brave -The moon by Ioana-Muresan Nott the brave -The moon :iconioana-muresan:Ioana-Muresan 141 3 fuzzcilities by bimshwel fuzzcilities :iconbimshwel:bimshwel 10 2 Valentine for U by LucarioOcarina Valentine for U :iconlucarioocarina:LucarioOcarina 193 26 What do you think i'm some sort of pet? by TheBowow What do you think i'm some sort of pet? :iconthebowow:TheBowow 1 0 Prize - Ash by Aer0Hail Prize - Ash :iconaer0hail:Aer0Hail 362 30 Wreck by LuigiL Wreck :iconluigil:LuigiL 494 16 molly molly molly by Bunzorg molly molly molly :iconbunzorg:Bunzorg 187 12 Carve me like one of your pumpkins by SUOMAR Carve me like one of your pumpkins :iconsuomar:SUOMAR 174 19 Will Smith Genie by joeymasong Will Smith Genie :iconjoeymasong:joeymasong 3 1 Commission: Takkin's Expression Sheet #2 by Temiree Commission: Takkin's Expression Sheet #2 :icontemiree:Temiree 223 16

Lucario and Riolu

ChibiDex: #448 Lucario by SeviYummy ChibiDex: #448 Lucario :iconseviyummy:SeviYummy 789 23 Bone Rush - Pokemon Fan Art by Chander-Fox Bone Rush - Pokemon Fan Art :iconchander-fox:Chander-Fox 74 11 Cursed Image #15156181080148780684162563.5 by LucarioOcarina Cursed Image #15156181080148780684162563.5 :iconlucarioocarina:LucarioOcarina 128 25 Valentine for U by LucarioOcarina Valentine for U :iconlucarioocarina:LucarioOcarina 193 26 [Practice]Lucario by girlsay [Practice]Lucario :icongirlsay:girlsay 245 9 Show your heart!, Get the Badge., The season of lo by mandaIa Show your heart!, Get the Badge., The season of lo :iconmandaia:mandaIa 90 3 Lucario the cowardly dog by ProPolitics Lucario the cowardly dog :iconpropolitics:ProPolitics 26 21 The internet is a wonderful place by KaizerLagann1987 The internet is a wonderful place :iconkaizerlagann1987:KaizerLagann1987 37 16 Shadix and Lucario by mark331 Shadix and Lucario :iconmark331:mark331 187 3 Lucario stung by bee by boke-0327 Lucario stung by bee :iconboke-0327:boke-0327 30 1 Lucario gaming by ProPolitics Lucario gaming :iconpropolitics:ProPolitics 35 3 Hug me I have protecion by 041744 Hug me I have protecion :icon041744:041744 38 7 Aura Sphere by Caskatified Aura Sphere :iconcaskatified:Caskatified 1 0 Lucario 36 by LucarioMinecraft Lucario 36 :iconlucariominecraft:LucarioMinecraft 16 3 Lucario doing fire punch by RichyMiner Lucario doing fire punch :iconrichyminer:RichyMiner 42 13 Lucario eating crayons by boke-0327 Lucario eating crayons :iconboke-0327:boke-0327 23 3

Art made for me.

Request: Curio and Shine... by PrincessyLuigi Request: Curio and Shine... :iconprincessyluigi:PrincessyLuigi 6 2 NebulaDreams Commission by smashega NebulaDreams Commission :iconsmashega:smashega 60 1 CM: Curio by Kechuppika CM: Curio :iconkechuppika:Kechuppika 43 10 Curio OC of NebulaDreams by AvorineX Curio OC of NebulaDreams :iconavorinex:AvorineX 8 1 Curio the Lucario! by Chibi-Pika Curio the Lucario! :iconchibi-pika:Chibi-Pika 40 5 Curio and Shine by LucarioOcarina Curio and Shine :iconlucarioocarina:LucarioOcarina 133 19 Curio and Shine (Commission) by Anima-hybrid Curio and Shine (Commission) :iconanima-hybrid:Anima-hybrid 36 4 I know she uses her mech arm I dont care by twinkleweird I know she uses her mech arm I dont care :icontwinkleweird:twinkleweird 10 1 The Jackal and Her Lion by jewelswirlix The Jackal and Her Lion :iconjewelswirlix:jewelswirlix 3 2 Curio and Shine by Geminox42 Curio and Shine :icongeminox42:Geminox42 7 1 Curio and Shine sketch by ChasGallagher Curio and Shine sketch :iconchasgallagher:ChasGallagher 5 4 Secret Santa - Moomin Christmas by Genolover Secret Santa - Moomin Christmas :icongenolover:Genolover 34 10 Cockatiel For Starlightcrux by Gensuta Cockatiel For Starlightcrux :icongensuta:Gensuta 6 4


I always appreciate it when artists try to take a crack at ambitious scenes like this because they are really hard to pull off and you ...

ProjectComment Hidey ho, SC here! So in general, I like the character and the attention to detail you’ve put in certain parts, like the...


Who would like to see a one-shot prequel of Black Paint, like a lighthearted slice-of-life story featuring Sal with Santiago while he was still alive? 

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Artist | Student | Literature
United Kingdom
Neckbeard extraordinaire, dilettante artist, fanfic writer, Moomin enthusiast.

My main writing project at the moment is a Pokemon fanfiction called The Curious and the Shiny, which is available to read next to my ID! Here's the summary:

'Two old friends reunite after five years, but broken friendships aren't easily mended as the ghosts of their past continue to haunt them in the form of a mysterious organization called GeL. In their journey to repair their relationship, Shine and Curio will face their repressed memories, meet new allies and teach themselves and others to bridge the gap between Pokémon and mankind.'

Here's are a few links that are mostly just reposts of art and fanfiction here, and for sketches and shitposts:……
Hands of Creation (cover) by Wolframclaws
Cover by Wolframclaws 

Summary: It started with getting stabbed. Later, mugged. And even later, pulled into a conspiracy he wanted no part of. A self-proclaimed "late-evolving" Charmander must rely on friends new and old to survive against a band of Pokémon called Hunters, or have his new, Grass-Type form turn to ash. An original PMD setting.

I thought I'd start off a new series of journals, or at least, a type of journal. It might be a one-off or turn into more entries as I read more material, but in any case, these are journals reserved for fics I consider worth your time, for one reason or another. Our first entry is Hands of Creation by Namohsyip, a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon story with original characters.

Having read chapters 1-13 so far, out of many more to come, this has been one hell of a ride. It starts off strongly, is well-written with lots of immersive description + neat tidbits about the world, and maintains a steady pace throughout with engaging character drama about an endearing Charmander protagonist named Owen, who remains optimistic despite being thrust into many different life-threatening and emotionally devastating situations. The same goes for the side characters, who all have unique personalities of their own, and there are a lot of them, from the rough-talking Trapinch, Gahi, to the aloof, yet comically serious Lucario, Rhys, and many more. My personal favourite is our resident PMD Guild leader Anam the Goodra, who steals the show every time he's in a scene.

Although it's consistently good in its early stages, when it hits a certain point, it goes from good to excellent. Not only does it deliver on the build up of several chapters worth of character development, it also marks a major turning point in the plot, kicking the door open for so many possibilities that makes for an epic narrative. It
 always keep you speculating while rewarding you for going back to previous chapters as well to check out all of the foreshadowed hints.

Overall, I really can't recommend this enough. All of the great characters, gripping storylines and deep worldbuilding elements make for a Pokemon fic that's definitely worth sinking your teeth into.…
Alright, so 2018 was a busy year for me in quite a few ways, not only for Uni, but also for stuff on the side as well, and seeing how it's New Year's Eve, I thought I'd gather my thoughts on how this year has gone by and what my plans are for the next.

So, Uni, huh? I've mentioned it in passing, but I don't think I've talked about it in much detail. Last year, during the first semester for the study period, I enrolled in the ERASMUS+ scheme, which gave me the opportunity to study abroad for a semester, and of all things, Finland was on the list. Although I was curious, I wasn't sure if I was going to fully go into or not, and so I pretty much applied at the last minute, but ended up getting a place in the scheme after all. So I was pretty excited to go, since I thought it would be nice to study somewhere different, and in particular, visit somewhere a lot icier than what I'm used to. I went into it blindly with no foreknowledge of how to speak Finnish aside from a few phrase, as 'Puhutekko englantia?' comes to mind, so I didn't know what to expect. I had a tutor there on the other side who agreed to meet me at the airport and take me to my accommodation as well, so that saved me the hassle of getting a taxi.

As you can imagine, with someone quite sheltered immigrating to another country, I wasn't fully prepared at first, so it was tough getting used to the public transport system as well as the feeling of being an outsider of someone else's culture. For the first few weeks, outside my class, I barely left my room, I was that boxed in. Mentally, I wasn't all that well, and in hindsight, taking a 5 month trip to another country didn't exactly help, so I was flirting with antidepressants at the time. Thankfully, I adjusted, with the help of a few classmates I met along the way, and going on trips organised by the student union and the exchange team helped me make a few friends that lasted throughout all of the semester. I think the toughest part of that whole thing was the feeling of being alone, without anyone from your homeland to help you, and that made me realise how important it was to actually get out there and socialise. In an introverted country such as Finland, especially during the winter times when there are only 4 hours of daylight, the atmosphere could get pretty oppressive.

One thing that softened the blow was that the language barrier wasn't as strong as I anticipated. There was still the element of being an outsider who could only speak English in a non-native country, but as it turned out, many Finns are proficient in English, and I didn't have much trouble speaking in my native tongue whenever it was necessary. I tried to hide it however, but I occasionally let my English side slip in certain situations, such as going to the supermarket and not understanding certain requests at the time, such as 'Kuitti?' (receipt), so it could get embarrassing at times.

On the whole, it was a great experience for me, as it encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and helped me break out of my shell a bit. Sounds cliche, I know. To be honest, I am still a guarded person. I don't tend to reveal much about myself to others close to me and am careful with my words and how I approach social situations, which I can attribute to my general awkwardness and my experience with high school drama. It doesn't take a trip to another country to fix something that deeply embedded into my psyche. It did, however, give me memories I'll take with me to the end of my days. I wrote about my experiences during one of my trips below:

  Travelogue - Helsinki, Stockholm and MariehamnHelsinki
So began our tour from Turku to Helsinki, Stockholm, to Mariehamn and back to Turku again. First I had to get up early before 7 so I could catch the bus to the city centre, and then waited for the Onnibus to Helsinki. Once I got on there, it was an hour and a half of riding until I got to Helsinki. From then on, me and my friend tried to cram all we could before we had to get on the ferry to Stockholm, which wouldn’t be for another 6 hours. As you can imagine, condensing the experience of such a big city into such little time is a herculean task, but we managed to make a fairly decent day out of it.

We visited some of the shopping centres there as well as a few of the cathedrals, which has some of the most gorgeous architecture I’ve ever seen in a building. We also visited the free museum, which is worth going to at least once even though it’s short. One highlight was the Clubbing exhibition, although time will tell i

There were some major breakthroughs in my creative lifestyle during that time, however, and this was a fantastic year for my writing in general. I started writing fanfiction in the previous year after many failed projects, and wrote the first two chapters of The Curious and the Shiny during that time when I was back in my home country. During my stay in Finland, however, that was when I finally started fleshing out my work, finishing the next 6 chapters and releasing them from April to May after a few beta reads from others. Looking back on it after rebooting the fanfic with a revised version, although I could've done things differently, especially in the opening, the reactions I got from the story as well as interaction in the Serebii Discord server empowered me to continue writing, and that persevered throughout the whole year.

Art helped me during those times when I found it hard to adjust, even though I wasn't getting much further in improving it, only through mileage. Bizarrely enough, it proved to be essential for me to pass the semester, as one of the elective courses was a Project Cafe where you could pretty much do anything you wanted as long as you could record the amount of hours you put into your work. I failed the Radio Project before, which was worth 5 study credits, so I was 3 behind from getting the required 30 to pass, so my project was a series of Reddit Gets Drawn portraits that involved digitally painting photo studies, culminating in a total of 81 hours spent (and yes, I counted!). I produced some of my best work through that, but it also got tiresome and tedious after a while, since I used the same processes throughout most of the project, so it felt like a chore more than a creative hobby. Then again, I guess art has to feel like a chore sometimes if you want to actually improve.

So after all that was said and done, I moved back to my home country and felt pressured to do work as soon as I got back. My friends were out getting jobs, so I thought getting a job would benefit me too, even though I was lucky to be in a position where that was necessary, to the point even my parents suggested there would be no point. I landed an interview at a retail store, however, and worked there for a grand total of one month. It was a bit of a mistake on my part, since there were a lot of other things I wanted to do during my stay back in the UK, such as join writer's groups and get involved with conventions, which the shifts got in the way of. It got stressful for me after a while, so I eventually quit, and it was for the better really, although there were still parts of that job I liked, so it wasn't all bad. It just wasn't right for me at the time.

In the holidays, I joined a circle of writers which gave me a platform to share my work, and met a few published authors at a few events as well. Not only that, I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo as well, writing 30k words worth of material for The Curious and the Shiny, which eventually resulted in chapters 9-18 being released.

So everything went swimmingly all the way through the remaining time off, but I eventually went back to Uni for my third and final year and completed the winter semester. It was a stressful time for me in some ways, as I was anxious about the career path I would take in journalism, my lack of work to contribute to a portfolio, and also a hectic semester in general when it seemed like I wouldn't be able to complete one assignment at the last minute, but it all fell into place eventually, and my prospects for the future seem more hopeful.

I did a lot more with extra-curricular stuff as well. I published an article and a short story in the student newspaper, with more awaiting submission to other places, and got a lot of mileage with my fanfiction in general. I wrote the entirety of the first draft of Black Paint in a week while I was back in my shabby living conditions in an outhouse, and I won this year's NaNoWriMo, writing 40k for The Curious and the Shiny and another 10k on a side project, as well as rewriting the first chapters of TCATS. Even after a few roadbumps on the way, including having to change the ending to Black Paint after some deserved backlash towards the ending, it was perhaps the best period of writing for me in an already fruitful year.

Black Paint Chapter 1
Shadows around the room blanketed the girl. The oppressive stench of iron floated all around her, belonging to the bodies of her family. Her heart beat in her throat. She could hear her own ragged breaths against the grunting presence in the room, and the only thing she could see was the presence’s jade eyes, gleaming like jewels in a black ocean. It leered above her, looking down at her as if she was only a bug beneath its foot. It inched closer to her. Closer and closer still. When she gazed into its thin pupils, she could feel herself falling into its blackened voids. Tears streamed down the girl’s cheeks.
“P-p-please!” she said, in between bouts of sobbing, “Don’t d-d-do this! I won’t mention this to anyone, j-j-just stop already!”
The presence only moved closer, to the point the girl could feel its hot breath licking at her face. She closed her eyes.
“No. Please go away. Just go. Just
   The Curious and the Shiny Chapter 1-1 (Revised)
The sunlit gravel burned all that walked across it, yet the Luxray dashed through. Even as his paws blistered from the bare dirt and his wounds burned with the intense heat in the air, he had to. His sensitive ear picked up the footsteps of his pursuers, chasing from behind.
He ran towards the cityscapes ahead of him, where humans awaited, along with the promise of relief from his injuries, and afterwards, a normal life. Behind, though, was them. He didn’t want to imagine what they had in store for him if they caught him.
The more he ran, the more he wheezed with exhaustion, and by the time he reached the junction where the roads from the other cities converged, he stopped to catch his breath. Cars, vehicles, trucks, all honked in cacophony. And in them, humans. He ran alongside the asphalt, shouting to anyone that might’ve listened as he ran. Surely, one person must’ve seen his condition and stopped to help, but nobody did. T
   Deli's Delivery Service: Extended Cut
The last thing on Deli the Delibird’s mind was to break out of the comfort of his trainer’s bedroom, especially when it approached Yuletide, of all things.
It had everything he needed and more: a pellet dispenser to feed himself twice throughout the day, a water cooler he and his trainer Perry shared, a bed of his own he was slightly too big for, and the company of Perry himself, at his side to play video games with, even if his lack of hands didn’t give him much control over the gamepad. Nevertheless, the two spent each day in that room, interrupted every so often by Perry’s mother who’d come in with his dinner, increasingly annoyed with each passing day. Deli wouldn’t have it any other way. Or so he thought.
And so, that special day started like any other. Deli huddled next to Perry, sharing the same blanket as he watched him play on the handheld gaming device Deli could never remember the name of, as he fa

So, where to go from here? The next year, I'll be continuing to put out chapters of TCATS, but more importantly, I'll be studying for my dissertation next semester, which involves a Freelance and Employability Portfolio in journalism, as well as 10k words worth of material in creative (original) writing. I expect it will be daunting, but it will be important for me to nail this year if I have a hope of getting a career in writing. Of course, things might not pan out the way I'll expect them to, but I hope it will give me the skills needed to make a start. I might branch out into radio or more news writing, or do something completely different. Who knows?

My art might take a backseat from here on out, as I don't see it as a main priority at the moment, and am dissatisfied with the direction it's taken lately. I would still like to pursue it, as my family are adamant to get me to continue producing artwork, so it might just be a matter of post-semester burnout, but it will take some careful scheduling for me to continue my art studies, as that's one area I really neglected in the last quarter of this year.

But anyway, thank you all for supporting me throughout the year, and I wish you a happy new year, in whatever way you plan to celebrate it.


Now I've reached the third act of the story, here's the proper premise for my WIP:

Unable to process his grief, a trainer's Zangoose, Gyro, turns to their old computer for solace. After discovering the chatting app Diancord and its Pokemon related server, he discovers a whole network of profiles and personalities, and he meets one such human on the other side that might be the key to expelling his inner demons.
Wow, this story idea I'm working on has gotten really sad all of a sudden. And it all started with playing about with the meta of the games.

We went from Eevee and dank memes to crippling depression and grief.
I'm back after being out from 10am-5pm to report on an event, and I thought this day wasn't gonna get any longer but now I need to work fast. I essentially have to write two articles on the same topic because my newspaper team wants a news piece (400 words) while our course blog wants a feature/opinions article (800 words).

Good thing is, this means I can kill two birds with one stone. Since they have different ideas behind them (same topic, but different style of writing), that means I can both sort out one part of our dissertation assignment and do the last half of this monthly submission for the student newspaper, since I'm expected to contribute 2 articles a month as lead writer.
also, posted sad boi in the serebii discord, and holy crap, i'm dying

Shinewtf by NebulaDreams
My art project for this February is a redraw of Shine's character sheet, much like Curio's redone sheet, and I've started with the expressions. Sad boi below:

Shineface2 by NebulaDreams
holy crap it's snowing
i was out last year when that massive storm hit so it's been like 10 years since i last saw snow in england
I'm in the middle of remaking my old reference sheet, and hot damn, working on this one made me realise how terribly off-model the old version was just a year ago. It's pretty much night and day, lol.

Curiofacecomparison by NebulaDreams
So good news and bad news. The good news is that I've been invited to take on the role of lead writer for a student newspaper, and the bad news is that my short story submission for an anthology was rejected, but oh well. You win some, you lose some, I guess.
I've deleted the first part of Blank Slate, but I will be coming out with a new revision at some point in the near future. I just need to fix a big issue with the story, which came to light through one review on FFN.

Sorry about this guys, but I think I rushed the publication of this fic out, so now I want to work closely on it to try and refine it. I'll just let it sit for a few days before I do tackle it, though.


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