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[OPEN] Beetle Armored Dragons

By Nebquerna
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Newest set of adoptables!
I’ve sketched those guys out a while back and while clearing some backlog of possible adoptables, and I decided to clean them out and put them out for adoption.
The colors are roughly based on rhinoceros beetles that have an awesome glare to their exoskeleton. I love bugs, so many different kind, shapes, and colors, it’s a perfect way to get designs and ideas.

Right one (#2) claimed!
Left one (#1) OPEN for $35

• You are welcome to change the design into something entirely different
• The design become yours, you do not have to credit me (be courteous, don't take credit for it either - although it's super appreciated to be credited!)
• You cannot resell, or make money off of this design in any shape or form (trading it for other characters is acceptable though)

• You are welcome to ask for a bigger version of the jpg of your adopt once you bought it!

• First come, first serve (keep in mind that my Patrons have first dib on all my adopts! Even $1 pledge get access to it, check it out!)
• Payment through Paypal only, I will send an invoice (money sent willy-nilly will be declined)
• If 24 hours after the invoice has been made, the money isn't received, the adoptable will be put back for adoption

More monsters looking for homes:

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Interested in purchasing #1!

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Of course! I'm also processing some cat demon/dragons, so there is that 👀

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I would like to buy #2 please~!
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Oh man I'm so sorry! #2 is claimed from a few days ago, only #1 is left

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ah all good!
Gotta figure out if I want #1 or another open design you have right now >:3 batfiend is a good bean also!
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These are amazing ;A; Just letting you know I messaged you on Twitter <3
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And thanks for the heads up, Twitter and messaging mesh horribly for me!

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if theyre still available after my next paycheck I am absolutely buying one~! These designs are a delight to see!
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Ah thank you so much!

Designing creatures has been such a good way to destress.

I always appreciate your comments!

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You have such amazing creature combos! It shows just how good you are at designing that when we see the finished product my first thought is always "Ah oh course! Dragons *should* have carapaces!" xD
You make some of the best critter designs Ive ever seen!
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They look absolutely amazing and gorgeous!
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Thank you so much!!

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You’re welcome!
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