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Addition Through Subtraction
I swear that they keep you waiting on purpose. Every time I go to the doctor – and my visits have been more frequent in recent years – I’m left sitting on that squishy bench for what feels like years, left alone with whatever ache or ailment dragged me in there. The rooms are the same no matter who I’m seeing, portals into the beige dimension that offer no stimulation save for peeling plastic posters slapped against wallpaper almost maddening in its blandness. Sore knees and persistent heartburn are nothing in the face of an all-encompassing boredom that becomes suffocating in a matter of minutes. By the time the doctor arrives, all I want to do is escape. So I downplay symptoms and illnesses. I nod along to whatever advice he or she drones out. I scurry away clutching a prescription that I know will merely buy me some time before I force myself back, before I’m again run through a demeaning cycle created by my impatience and cowardice.
What I’m expe
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“…which is why I think the Avengers would be big fans of fidget spinners. Well guys, that’ll be it for me; remember to like, comment and subscribe if you want to see more premium content from yours truly. Have a great day, and I’ll see y’all tomorrow.”
why do I even come here
just the worst
Carlos sighed as the comments for his newest video came trickling in, the thoughts shared by his fans somehow even more disappointing and mean-spirited than usual. A few months ago, his videos had been drawing enough viewers for him to eek out a living as a YouTuber if he pumped enough of them out. But as the well of ideas ran dry, Carlos found himself relying more and more heavily on outrageous stunts and cheap pop-culture listicles. Ghost peppers had burned away half of his taste buds and he now knew more about My Little Pony than any grown man should. Still, these efforts only seemed to hasten the plummeting of his viewing numbers. It was as though the Int
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The Technician
It doesn’t feel like anything.
That’s the hardest part for people to accept, if you can believe that. The confusion is, of course, understandable. One would expect there to be some sensation associated with being turned back into a child. I can tell a lot about the person asking by the kind of feeling they think might be associated with the transformation. The people who are against the very idea of it often posit that the bones must grind, that there must be an actual heat to the melting of one’s muscles, that the quick retreat of body hair must be akin to thousands of needles sinking into softening skin.
They’re often disappointed when I tell them that the whole procedure is not only completely painless but is in fact devoid of any feeling at all. I suspect it’s because they wished to receive some confirmation of the fear they held of the concept, a fear that is typically based either in personal distaste or some fundamental opposition to an individual t
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United States

I like age regression, and I intend to post stories featuring it here.

If you wish, you can look at the interactive story chapters I wrote over at Choose Your Own Change. Please be aware that some include diapers and sexual content. Please also be aware that they uniformly feature male AR, as that is the only kind I enjoy. (…)

I typically do not do requests. If that changes, I will make a post indicating so.

If you're interested in a commission, allow me to congratulate you on being successful enough to afford such an extravagance. I'm fairly open-minded when it comes to content, so best to just get in touch with me about what you'd like so that I may do you the respect of telling you whether I feel it is an idea I can successfully execute. Costs vary depending on desired length, so please make sure that all queries include an approximate word count.

I hope you enjoy my work.


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