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For the last twelve years i have been burning the candle from both ends . I hardly remember a moment when I wasn't doing a monthly series plus up to two additional comic projects. This has garnered me a reputation of a fast working creator, whether it was work for hire or creator owned projects


And now,  thousands of comic pages later, my body has decided to rebel. Erratic sleep schedule, bad posture, it all contributed to my current issues. For the last two years I have been steadily feeling worse and worse. Be it from my thyroid issues or from my spine/drawing arm problems

During this time I adopted the tried and true walk it off method of recovery.

This ...was a mistake.

My spine/shoulder/arm pains have become progressively worse to the point that I have drastically dropped off in my speed of productivity.

For this reason, Switch, more than any other of my projects has suffered great delays. These delays have contributed to a catastrophic dropoff in sales numbers.

So I was forced to make a tough decision. We will be cancelling the publication of the remaining 3 issues of switch.

Wait! There is good news.

Cancellation is simply for the fact that delays have become unpredictable and  at this point the book is completely unprofitable.

Cancelling the book will give me the time to wrap up the currently ending volume of Sunstone and take some time off to get my health issues sorted out.

As soon as my health issues subside, i will produce and publish online for free the remaining three issues of switch and from there on the possible future of the series will be decided by the trade sales.


My sincere apologies to all the readers, and stay tuned, we will be back, you will get the full story!


Stjepan Sejic

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YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Ô Lord "Nebezial" please bless us all with your so Powerfull stories!!! and i soo miss your witchblade work... i have said it on another Deviant account but i have purchased all of it be it witchblade, Switch, a bit of Darkness, OF COURSE Angelus and Artifacts. Last ones were the releases on the pandora box and the amber and glacierstone. i'm in love with your work mayyyybe i will go again with painting on tab.

Keep you Safe!! we can all wait, AS long as.. YOU are able to "finish it" :) (ref of the film the Fountain where an illusory girl ask to...well go see it !^^)