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For the last twelve years i have been burning the candle from both ends . I hardly remember a moment when I wasn't doing a monthly series plus up to two additional comic projects. This has garnered me a reputation of a fast working creator, whether it was work for hire or creator owned projects


And now,  thousands of comic pages later, my body has decided to rebel. Erratic sleep schedule, bad posture, it all contributed to my current issues. For the last two years I have been steadily feeling worse and worse. Be it from my thyroid issues or from my spine/drawing arm problems

During this time I adopted the tried and true walk it off method of recovery.

This ...was a mistake.

My spine/shoulder/arm pains have become progressively worse to the point that I have drastically dropped off in my speed of productivity.

For this reason, Switch, more than any other of my projects has suffered great delays. These delays have contributed to a catastrophic dropoff in sales numbers.

So I was forced to make a tough decision. We will be cancelling the publication of the remaining 3 issues of switch.

Wait! There is good news.

Cancellation is simply for the fact that delays have become unpredictable and  at this point the book is completely unprofitable.

Cancelling the book will give me the time to wrap up the currently ending volume of Sunstone and take some time off to get my health issues sorted out.

As soon as my health issues subside, i will produce and publish online for free the remaining three issues of switch and from there on the possible future of the series will be decided by the trade sales.


My sincere apologies to all the readers, and stay tuned, we will be back, you will get the full story!


Stjepan Sejic

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Atalis214 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2019
YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Ô Lord "Nebezial" please bless us all with your so Powerfull stories!!! and i soo miss your witchblade work... i have said it on another Deviant account but i have purchased all of it be it witchblade, Switch, a bit of Darkness, OF COURSE Angelus and Artifacts. Last ones were the releases on the pandora box and the amber and glacierstone. i'm in love with your work mayyyybe i will go again with painting on tab.

Keep you Safe!! we can all wait, AS long as.. YOU are able to "finish it" :) (ref of the film the Fountain where an illusory girl ask to...well go see it !^^)
mostly-blue Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist

i know its pretty entitled from my part to ask this....

but could you write sort of a short story to wrap up SWITCH?
i just discovered it and i feel pretty bad that i couldnt support it when it still mattered :( (Sad) :( (Sad) i would hate your ideas to just go to waste in case u dont have the resources to draw the comic...
Mrswhatsit1 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017
It was only yesterday I discovered the switch series after sunstone, my first encounter with Your work- and I love it, love it, love it! My best wishes for Your health problems- and I fervently wish to see and hear more of Mary! Jutta from germany
die-yng Featured By Owner Edited Nov 16, 2016
I'm sorry to hear about your health problems and hope by now you feel a whole lot better and my frustration is not about late books or your health taking precedence (perfectly normal).

No, what bothers me a bit, is to have an unfinished series, and no matter what, if I start out buying the print version, digital versions of the last three issues won't be the same.
I don't mind delays at all, what I mind is not having a complete series.
This will mean I either have to pay for a trade that I already own more than half the series of in floppies or I will have to be content with a digital version (which I probably won't).

The thing is, I always ordered all of your books, the moment they were in the previews listing and this will be too risky from now on, when there's a chance books won't be finished as floppies.
I'll simply have to wait for the trade from now on.

Please don't misunderstand this, like I wrote, delays don't bother me at all, I would have been content to wait until you're done with the series and have you and TopCow publish them then.
Because health is way more important than any comicbook.
No, I don't want you to make a loss with the book and from an economic pov it's perfectly understandable, but money is tight on my side and I simply can't risk having to pay twice for stuff, especially when the individual issue comes at 3,99

Anyway, hope you're better now and I hope this didn't come off as an attack, it isn't meant that way. It's more to vent a bit of frustration about the whole situation.
MikeLinPA Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016
I just found this post regarding your health. I wish you a full and speedy recovery.
Tamakaiju Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2016   Writer
I just found out at the comic shop in Olympia a few days ago. Broke my heart to find out you had to cancel. I only started collecting comics this year and decided to put my money into three titles: Ms. Marvel, Sunstone, and Switch. I bought all of them, including the alternative covers. I hope you recover soon. I know exactly how it feels to be physically falling apart.
barneyjones123 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 1, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hope you recover soon and if you are fully recovered maybe we can see the last 3 issues of switch for free.
theBATCLAM Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
I'm really sad to hear Switch has been delayed since I mush prefer buying/supporting your comics than reading them online, but health comes first and I'm even sadder to hear all the amazing work you've done put such a toll on your body.

Reading this actually gotten me to start stretching and sitting up more when I work, so thank you for that.
I'm very excited to see the rest of sunstone, and I hope you feel better. Don't ever apologise for health issues!
doubletsptn Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016
ha a little free donation wont hurt ya cause
obiwomble Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016
Well, you do already have one trade buy here.

More seriously, putting messages like this out there takes a lot of courage.  I also think - and have seen it demonstrated - that the internet enables kindness and support as much as bile and venom.  You will get a lot of support and patience for doing this.

What's far worse is a book not coming out and no one hears anything from the author for ages, if ever.

What you've done here is so much better. So get well, rest, then, when you're all healed, go back to work on what is a really good set of creative properties - Death Vigil, Switch and Ravine.
Sa-L Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Take care of urself! Ur health is more important than anything other, rest and take ur time
Even if we love and apreciate ur works we love more the artist and his ideas ^^
ipoco Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2016
It's really great seeing all the passion and commitment you put in to all of your work. If delays or cancellations mean you have the time to regain your strength and energy, then that's perfectly fine. It's already amazing how much amazing works you put out. You can't do more then your best, and I believe we all can see how you are doing your best!

also, these breaks often end up being great for creativity and productivity... a certain erotic comic comes to mind... So you do your thing, Mr Sejic! 

Thanks for all the amazing work, hope you get well soon and have time to enjoy yourself before you get back to working your busy schedule again!
coolcat007 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Feeling your outlet of your passion deteriorate must be hard for you, so I hope these issues will improve soon. Take care!
S-R-K Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2016
Get better!
VGJustice Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
My love for Switch must take a back seat to your health. Of course I'm disappointed to hear about it's cancellation, but let's be honest. Your health is more important.

Take care, get well, and create on!
M-POV Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016
we will all miss Switch (not to mention you in general) but seriously, you deserve some time off so go lay low. we`ll still be here when you get back.  :D
suziegon Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2016
KoU32 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2016
Take care of yourself
SirinSong Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2016
I'm really sorry for health problems, but we have one life ... if you don't think and care of yourself who will? Take your time, relax e be safe.
vediis Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I've bought the kindle editions of my favorite SWITCH comics to throw money at you, but I'll definitely be getting that trade edition!!
Lite-mike Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist
get well soon buddy!
Antares1967 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016
I love your work. But the first is: Take care of your health!
Steviehutch Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey Stjepan, your superhero humorous sketches are works of pure genius. You are very gifted. I hope you recover soon. Take care. 
Inversioned Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2016
Rest easy & heal up in your time. We'll all be here when you're ready.
yannpol Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2016
You're a very talented artist and I wish you to fully recover.
Sometimes, Times does heal... 
daliborgaric Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2016
Odmori se malo choveche    :)
wolfaza Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2016
Hope you get well soon. Don't worry about us , we will be here as always - waiting for new chapter , reading it on few seconds and then want more and more. 
morepaul Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2016
Thanks for all you have given us. Wishing you a healthy and speedy recovery.
Hunting-4-Witches Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Get well soon.  But take all the time u need.
kitiaramajere Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2016
I know this was a hard decision to make. :hug:  Hope you can get things squared away and out of pain soon!
dinshino Featured By Owner Edited Aug 25, 2016
Do what you need to do, man.

Chronic pain and chronic health issues suck. Hopefully you'll recover as best as is possible.
Mickyta Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Sometimes, one's so focused on work, progress, studies... that forgets about health. I can relate to this.
I really hope you get better, we're gonna wait for you Stjepan. :)
Manahtar Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Get better mate! and take it easy, hope to read/watch your work whenever you feel ready
Sharnzy Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nooooo you can't stop and take care of your health your teeming masses require blood damnit..

okay joking aside. Stjepan you are awesome and I'm sure alot of you fans like me would rather whole heartedly agree that we'd rather have you take a break and extend our love of your work for years versus having a completely screwed up and life shortening problem. which for sure would result in no more sunstone or switch or mercy.. or anything. you do what you need to do your fans (like me) will understand

i still wish i hadnt missed you at the calgary comic expo..

your awesome, you do what's needed to fix your body up and make sure you kiss your talented wife every day and know she's your number one fan before the rest of us. (she's the one that got to marry you afterall hehe)
CaptainObvious60309 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2016  Hobbyist
Oh, man. Hope you feel better.
ThefirstEpidot Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2016
Health before work. This is what every health and safety worker would tell you, because it is true. Hope your recovery is a speedy one, but don't rush it. As far as I am concerned (in my comic marinated head) you are making art in the form of comic books. Waiting for it, is not an issue. Be careful and listen to your doctor, because your fans (us) will be livid if you break yourself. Which is much worse than the grumbles that comes from a late publishing.

Seriously though. Please take care of yourself. Back issues can shut you down completely, and that affects a lot more than your work.
ImdaBatman Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
get well soon
DonFernando Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016
Lo siento sir. Sorry to hear this. Good luck in all I hope all is well.
nightsway Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016
Your work is always worth the wait.  The Switch trade will be a must-have for me, like everything else you do.
SilverWolf126 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016
Oh man. :( I'm sorry you've had such health issues lately! Hope you feel better soon!
Arcticfirefox Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016
apology not accepted because there's nothing to apologize for. Health first!
browncoat4life Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Tis a tad sad but we're good either way! :)
Feel better Neb!
ShadeOfObscurity Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016
Take my good luck for your health.
Hereiamyellow Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016
One knows that it takes time for the body to heal, but one will wish you have a swift and full recovery to your health.

Many thanks for the great stories you have put so much work into creating and sharing with us all.
Skvaderflight Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016
See it from the bright side - it's a LOT better to realize that you're not immortal NOW, rather than when you're 70 years old and your life is basically artificially sustained. It's a valuable lesson, so please remember to heed it and place your health before your work! The work can come later and it'll be much better off for it, as much as it might itch to get it done NOW. 
ferrarikiller484 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016
Take care, i'm sure if you put as much attention on your health as your work you'll get over it. Take your the time you need, we'll be waiting no matter how long it will take. ;)
Nimuk Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016
I will definitely get the trade. :)
Varken-V23 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016
i will continue to pay money!!!!!!!!!! hope you get better soon but even with a long delay i will happily buy a copy off of comixology.
Hanzo-Kirishima Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016
hope you feel better soon. I am more than willing to patiently wait for more done for by you sir. Take care
SylviaVeir Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Health always comes first, and I sincerely hope this will help you on that account! Get well soon!
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