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i'll be deleting a crapload of old stuff from this account as i have grown bored with the same stuff constantly statically polluting what's hot frontpage. i feel i should earn that by being active and not passively filling in the spots. my comics will remains as will a lot of the professional work. most that will go down is the most popular old artworks and stuff that i feel meh about.

so download what you need cause delete train is leaving the station soon
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Aw, I saw pics on Google Images that I'd love to fave. :/
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Like most viewers, I think it's a shame. I understand your intend and value it ; it takes guts and humility. However, most of the pictures you deleted are those beautiful yet funny pictures like the one with Big Barda, Wonder Woman and Supergirl back from shopping. This ability that you have to draw extremely beautiful pictures (and women) but also to laugh and make us laugh with them is, in my opinion, one of your most valuable traits.
However, still and always be a fan.
Shame I just wanted to give someone a link to a really interesting old picture of yours. I really hope that they come back. 
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Make a secondary account for your misc work?
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My friend, good (read fantastic art) art NEVER pollutes a gallery!
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I suggest you zip. them up and share them in one post. Or move them somewhere else so that we still can enjoy them.
How can we download them if we do not know what you are going to delete.

PS: Don't you dare touch the DC and Marvel stuff.
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what? NO!

they remind me why i love what you are doing
they are so clever, so well made...

like everything you do in fact
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Oh my nooooooooo!!!

/me prepare for freziend downloading ;___; le sigh!
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That's unfortunate.
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omg if only the industry worked that way! i'd be working in comics lol. 

i'd love to see marvel and dc disappear. just re-hash after re-hash... talk about polluting front pages 
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Please Stjepan! I know it's your account and your artwork to do with as you like, but your gallery is a great source of joy and inspiration to so many like myself. Please don't do this, there has to be an alternative solution!
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i was too late
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Breaking my favorites gallery, and probably hundreds of people's facebook posts, eh? You Villain!
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I understand your reasoning, but I’m sad you’d do that.  It’s not your fault dA has a crappy “what’s hot” algorithm.  
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Damn, I think my favorite snu-snu joke got deleted :(
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Doesn't moving pictures to Scraps remove them from the whats hot list?
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Apparently he didn't care what anyone had to say on that.
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*proceeds to download everything as fast as type speed*
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Oh my goodness, people. Stop Whining. It's his page, and his work, and it's TOTALLY up to him what he does with it. Don't get all butt-hurt because he makes a decision about it you don't agree with. If you're a TRUE FAN you'll respect that, and look forward to NEW STUFF. If you didn't Download it, I'm sure SOMEONE did, it's the internet. Things aren't just GONE forever....jeez. People are so sensitive...
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