i'm not overly active here anymore

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just in case you tried contacting me, i think twitter is a safer bet, i think i log in like once every few months or so these days. friggin schedule is insanely overloaded :/
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Well, that does explain things. Although I still wonder why some of my favorite pieces from here apparently vanished a while ago.

In particular, I started noticing when I couldn't locate a very distinct picture of Wonder Woman wearing a costume variant that was also full, practical battle armor.

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Ha ha you log in more than me. I'm going in maybe a year or two lol

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Hey, are you doing the illustration/animated cutscenes that are in WOW these days? It looks crazily like your style.

My bad for not replying sooner. Just remember to pace yourself & take breaks when necesary.

excuse the probably faq, but did u ever finished the switch comic series? if yes, is it on sale somewhere?
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he never did. but he did write about it and why it was never finished in earlier journals if you are curious about that.

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As someone who doesn't have a twitter, I do hope this does not mean you will stop posting here right? o.O
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What is your twitter though?
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I had the same question, but then I just looked at the the artist's home page here.

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yeah, sorry i forgot to write it in. i'm friggin terrible at this stuff :/
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Huh, I confused the tumblr with twitter >.>
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I follow on both. All good from where I sit.
Do whatever you can to promote yourself. Want to see more of Death Vigil in the near future.
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That’s what happens when you’re talented AND popular. Good luck to ya. 
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Just let us know if you make a full-on switch to another platform. Twitter is well and good for some kinds of communication, but not so hot for a gallery or presentation of art.

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oh yeah. twitter is good for quick announcements and showing off illustrations but not really that good for comics. i'm legit planning to juat make my own site at some point 
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Yeah. When it comes to browsing art of anyone in there it's a major pain in the bum.
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Take care not to break yourself
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You aren't alone really; a lot of artists are leaving or barely showing up here anymore. The Ban-Happy DA admins are getting very annoying.
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I see you a lot on Twitch lately! Take time for yourself! Saw a big ol' poster of Harleen front and center at my local comic shop and was so hyped! Congrats!

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Just purchased Harleen! Just wanted you to know you and your wife are awesome and to keep up the amazing work!
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Take care of your life first. We'll still be here. <3
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would be nice to get your twitter handle then for those who want to follow you

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