i'll be back soon
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holy crap it's been too long since my last update...ugh

so, i messed up my shoulder a bit...tho technically it''s connection of shoulderblade, and spine and whatever not... point is , don't hunch and draw!

i'm doing therapy for it now and with some luch should be back in action soon.

drawing has been a pain...literally XD as i usually draw from my shoulder quite a bit. as a result i had a very shitty december

oddly enough the one thing that kept me sane was playing destiny on my playstation. ironically i can play on the  gamepad without moving my shoulder... go figure. but gametimes are finally coming to an end! 

strength returns!

there is work to be done!

Wb04 by nebezial
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Hope you feel better, I miss seeing your stuff.   D:
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you'll get better, i'll share with every fucking person your beatyfucking work!! man, listen what i say, Death Vigil will become a game some day!! STAY AWESOME BRO!
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A couple things...

1. Get well soon, Your art is amazing.
2. Do you take Commissions?
3. Add Me on Psn: SoDopeTrio, Let's Raid or Run some trials or something.
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Am I the only one who really wants your psn tag?
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StarlessIthilden|Hobbyist General Artist
Rest up and we look forward to more from you!
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ChristiVivar|Professional Digital Artist
Ouch! Sorry to hear that. I hope you are feeling better by now and don't rush for our sake. Get well soon! :)
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Eldacur|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hope you're doing well.
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rockjoe1|Hobbyist Writer
take your time and get better man. Your art is awesome and we shall wait for it.
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gmonk003Edited |Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Take your time and  phil collins 
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get wel and congrat see your sideshow skeletor is amazing on 3d
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Take a good rest, you need it. Best Wishes for Recovery
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Hope you're feeling better soon!
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Phenix-Black|Professional General Artist
Feel Better :)
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greyskill|Professional Digital Artist
So glad to have you back, sorry to hear about the injury, that really sucks.
But I guess the good thing is it will give me another reason to make myself sit up straight and stretch...

I need to pick up another of your comic series, I miss your work so much after I finished Death Vigil as it stands.
What should I read??
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Get well soon!
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HMGMishy|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG I feel you . ..
I did the same thing (though probably a smaller scale) with my shoulder-blade, neck-area, and hand . ..

I hope that that gets back to normal soon for you, because it definitely makes it harder to art. QwQ/ ~:star:
Looking forward to more stuff from you! ^^
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I hope you recover soon, but don't rush it. Maybe find a witchblade to reinforce your drawing arm, although I guess they're hard to come by.
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Rich313|Hobbyist General Artist
Keeping someone sane and Destiny in the same sentence ... well here is something new ^^. Have you/will you ever give Bloodborne a try? With Death Vigil heavily influenced by the Lovecraftian stuff (at least it seems to me like it) should be right down your alley xP.
Hope you're better now! Realized the other day that my twitter is so free of puns :P that has to change! 
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GladeFaun|Hobbyist General Artist
Looking forward to the next instalment on Switch... :D
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Take all the time you need, man.  Just get better.
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I see you online, sometimes, but you always seem to be busy.
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Wish you well.
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Best wishes
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