damn, you really do care

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a lot of you really do care about my old stuff. don't worry, i'll do a thing 

once i get home i'll go through my backup disks and save up some cleaner versions and make a pdf of stupid joke strips and then everyone wins. i don't have to be bothered watching same old stuff on the frontpage, and you get  it all in one place. 
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Are you still planning any more Death Vigil stuff?
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Yeah, where did we end up on this? I'm a little sad I can't find all the great jokes and others like the Sailor Moon group shot. That was so cool!
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There's about 3 of your old comics I would REALLY like to run down again, so, I'd REALLY like to see this PDF! 
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Why so negative?
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Loved Death vigil, loved Bernie, and I loved Sunstone; thank you for the stories and the fun doodles! 
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I'm so glad you're keeping it. <3
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Did you already delete/remove a lot of the old stuff? I've been MIA from DA for a few months, but I've always enjoyed browsing back through your stuff (old and new) for inspiration.
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I just found your page and the art is so good it makes me remember that there was a time when selling crap-cover comics written and drawn by wannabe novices wasn't the norm for the industry.  Fantastic covers!
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so where can I find this?
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I, too, am really curious to know this.
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Please do. I missed your old art a ton. Your art (both the old and the new) is so charming. I love the way you draw Superman too. You've got me to really like him. And Wonder Woman too.

The little comics you made were really funny too. I loved showing them to my friends.
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yay! can't wait! 
Yes please!  I love those old jokes, would hate to see them lost.
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Yeah man. Save all that backwork and make it into an art book to sell. I'd promote it on amazon for ya. You got skillz, own it!
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Thank you very much!
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