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xenomorph rex

just so i clear any possible confusion, my predator on xenomorph rex is a joke picture, and for the purpose of it i made some design compromises to make the yenomorph rex instantly readable as a t- rex.

now if i actually wanted to design a creature like that properly, it would be more along these lines
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I'm pretty sure this picture is how I first stumbled across your work.

An odd serendipity; I was simply doing an Aliens sweep of the site at the time.

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this is one of the most amazing ideas for a t.rex i love everything about this creature amazing job

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Hi, this video is using your artwork without credit. (Timestamp about 1:52)

12 Animalistically Exotic Hybrid Xenomorph Species - Backstories Explored In Detail - YouTube

They did the same to me and a few others. They did not ask us permission and I assume the same is true here.

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As if they aren't scary enough born from a human host! Now we gotta bring dinosaurs into it!?

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This design is still sooo flipping awesome and stupendous , one of the coolest fan made xeno designs ever .

I ordered one of these beauties last week from Rebor and now i have a Xeno Rex to add to my collection . All thanks to this awesome art piece:D :love: Xeno jurassic-park-Rexy (Tyrannosaurus) [V.1]

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That's pretty good. I don't think I'd wanna meet one of these things

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u know wut we need

a face hugger on the indominus rex


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Okay that is awesome.
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I saw REBOR did a figure based on this wonderful design. I hope they asked and didn't straight up copy and take credit for it?

yeah i saw that wandering if they got it from here

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There's a good reason why the dinosaurs went extinct, kids: those damn Aliens were taking over. 
The fact that this hasn't been in a movie yet is disappointing. 
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you know...because T-Rex isn't badass enough
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That is awesome, looks like an Alien King.
Check out more about the Alien Kings here:…
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New Xenomorph Type CONFIRMED !
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This is still an AWESOME design!  To me, your Xeno-Rex look is an improved and more dangerous look to the Xenomorph 'Queen Mother' look (… ).  Honestly your look plus the Queen Mother's terrifying eldritch mind powers would spell doom to humans and predators easily!
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