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witchblade tpb cover top cow

this is one of the trade paperback covers for a special series of tpbs that are comprised of entire run of writer ron marz and several artists like mike choi, sdrisns melo and others
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Looking at this illustration for one of the book cover of Witchblade, I suddenly got this idea of writing a sentai/tokutasu type web serial about a policewoman who wants to fight against evil while she carries mystical powers to transform into a Kamen Rider type of heroine. 
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Superbe, magnifique :)
A gorgeous picture.
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She looks a lot better here than in the TV show
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I can't believe you're the artist of this picture too. ; ~; Memories and feels pouring in.
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Beautiful image! Beauty, Grace, sensuality and origibnality ! Good job ![link]
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incredible, very good art
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Gotta admit, I haven't read Witchblade yet, I saw the anime (i know they're different don't freak out) The more I see your art the more I really wanna get my hands on an issue or two or ten. :D
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Your work is amazing!!!
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wow, I love this one!
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Wow, incredible! You rock, sir!
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cool picture (witchblade fan: -)
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Amazing!!!!!!!!!!I Love..
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Awesome oO
I'd love to use this as an avatar
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Looks veeery great. I love the colors and that beautiful face.
That robot arm or that looks so magical, I love it :clap:
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You are a master at anatomy, detail and quality.

Question:"Did you do any anatomy/proportion studies or did the ability of drawing the human figure [both male and female] come to you naturally without much refinement?"

Please reply. Your such an inspiration.
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