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witchblade 119 cover

cover for issue 119.... this will be an interesting issue XD
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Incredible art ! ...Congratulations !
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Was this a photoshop designed piece or another program? It's very beautiful.
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Yaaaay Aphrodite ;D
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Cool! She looks like Aphrodite 9 ^^
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I love this issue!:heart: Your skills are fantastic!:D
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Aphrodite IX with the witchblade? awesome... hahaha!
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your artworks awesome as always, can't wait to read this issue. aphrodite with the witchblade badass!
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I love your works, that 's incredible
but as a fan of semic comics collections, I see you have given the witchblade to Aphrodite IX, that's cool. Why did not anyone has done that comics ? :(

Could you help me to progress as you? XD
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wow.. so sexy!
yer very good man!
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Lovely just lovely.
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seriously - tell people at top cow that your arts is selling comics XD i ordered 31comics from Topcow store and they arrived 2 days ago i got this issue but was surprised to see no green spot on her face on the cover XD i guess because it isnt IX but another? anyway.. i just wanted to say again im glad your doing the art for the Witcblade comics - very pretty and at first it was a shock to see this new style of artwork in one of my fave comics and now....

i get bummed when i read witchblade issues which dont have your art in.. i dunno.. it just seems to fit the dark and edgy style of witchblade and such C:


oh p.s. tell them to let aphrodite ghet her hands on the witchblade be weird to see her with it - with her being a android and all XD
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This one is my fav Witchblade art, it just looks soo Awesome, thats all I can say.
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wait so is aphrodite the new witchblade wtf im comfused now
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green zits are the worst...
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the detail in the hand got me on this one.

i like the green hair and eyes, you did them well, they usually look nasty

anyway, great image, it is hypnotic you really have a gift, you cant be taught a lot of the stuff you have managed to gain
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whens that come out?
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