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whatever intensifies

a bit of a continuation to this XD

... whatever XD by nebezial

also here is a video of bd breath move from the game for those who never saw it .   :)…

it is an attack so foul that it inflicts pretty much every status effect XD
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Can I have permission to dub this?

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And this is why if I ever get the chance to learn Blue Magic there will be some spells I declare NOT WORTH IT.
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That one instructor.......
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amazing big sis monster =D
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Laugh, all we can do is laugh. Lol
Wonderfully done.
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FFXIV  Blue mage finally announced.   Coming in patch 4.5!
Blue Magic is scary as fuck....
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Hey! Could you please draw the front of an American Super NES? It's my birthday!
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squalls seen some shit
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Squall's seen shit that'll turn your black mages white!!!
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When I played this game in my childhood, oh mercy, I didn't even think of that as a negative thing or even realize why it would be a check mark for the nope instead of dope catagory. I was all like maaan squall wyd she's awwwwesommmme
This puts things into perspective 
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"And the next day, the Taco Bell was removed from Balamb Gardens..."

This is supremely hilarious, especially the facial expressions.  Well done.
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Gonna need one hell of a tic-tac for mess
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I can't breathe!!! I'm laughing too hard.
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Poor Squall. The HORROR
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wow very bad halitosis XD

Leon: remind me not to kiss you
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I always pictured it being a titanic belch (think Jay Sherman's belch on the Simpsons).
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Oh my fucking god. Just wow.
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You are brilliant! lol
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Oh, that's going to stick in your sinuses a while.
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It explains so much
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