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turkey-rex XD

By nebezial
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this is why i like the idea of feathered dinos, but at the same time hate it.

i love it for its potential, male dinosaurs doing a mating dance, showing off, it has roots in natural world.

i hate it because it is in human nature to jump to conclusions and take it to the extreme.

by that i mean , they discover hints of some feathers on a fossil, the very next step is to turn every dinosaur available into a fuzzball of feathers XD

i find nature much more interesting and varied, and while some were probably fully covered in feathers others had none, and others again had some .

this is my opinion, just like most of paleontology is based on opinions till proven wrong.

these are in no way shape or form scientific reconstructions, but just one dino nerd rekindling the memories from high school when i used to be obsessed with dinosaurs.

now its all dragons for me XD
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Come at me m8 you CHICKEN
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👑🦁all hail the king🦖
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This is really amazing i support the feathers going up theory would look amazing on fights and mating rituals
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Exy was Right, the feather mantle does make him ...or her it looks like a super saiyan. And Holly Wineres say "feathered dinosaurs don't look cool enough", HA! Look at that and tell me it wouldn't break Jurasic Park on the big screen.
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Gotta say i have seen this piece across the web and each time I love it just as much, the colours, textures and dynamic posing of the Rex’s is quite awe inspiring
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Wow! Gott'a show this to my Bro Ruroni-Riu! It looks like this T-Rex has gone Super-Saiyan.  :thumbsup::icongoku-plz:
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It doesn't even look like a turkey.
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Not sure if my last comment posted, but there is a Steam user who has uploaded this as their own artwork in the artwork gallery of steam. Their name is Nemesis T-TYPE…. And there was a youtuber who uploaded a video with your artwork as their thumbnail.…. The youtuber did not credit you.
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i wouldn't say turkey
i'd say more super saiyan
Alex Jones Super Saiyan (emoticon) 
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Amazing! Excellente dynamics and effects!
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while browsing for new dinosaur calendars (as I do each December) I found this pic included in one put out by ML Pulishing:
check the picture of the back, it is first on the second row. I couldn't see anything you had posted about it, so is this being used without your permission?
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Since when was paleontology ever based on opinions? Speculation based on modern animal behavior is what modern paleoart is based on. Dinosaurs were not monsters, they were animals with brains and instincts. Also pretty rich of you to never explain why you hate modern dinosaurs (not to mention these aren't even remotely accurate).
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Its a concept of their own approach of feathered dinosaurs, they said clearly that when paleontologists found evidence of feathers on one dinosaur they decided to treat every one of them as feathered creatures and belived they all had feathers.
They are just stating their opinion, your opinion doesn't matter due to this post having nothing to do with you. They didn't contact you and ask for conflict, so kindly stop bolstering yourself and your opinions so that you can feel better.
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Old comment is old.
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Oh well, I didn't look at when the comment was made
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That dino looks like he's going Super Saiyan XD

Beautiful art, I love the dinosaur's feathers.
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This looks well realistic.
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"just like most of paleontology is based on opinions till proven wrong" it's not
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Yes it is. None of them were there. They have to form a theory (basically a synonym another word for "expert opinion") based off bits and pieces of info they find that don't fully connect. I swear people get so defensive when someone tells it like it is. So sick of elitists...
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No. first they form a hypothesis (kinda like how you plebs use theory(the plebs was joke by the way)) then they test the hypothesis, and what is shown by tests is the theory. 

scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that is acquired through the scientific method and repeatedly tested and confirmed, preferably using a written, pre-defined,protocol of observations and experiments.[1][2] Scientific theories are the most reliable, rigorous, and comprehensive form of scientific knowledge.[3]

"I swear people get so defensive when someone tells it like it is." you kinda proved your own point against yourself now didn't you? all I did was say it as it is.

I did not get defensive nor am I an elitist. what am I an elitist of? actual science? I'll own that :p

if you mean dinosaurs then I'll say I went against his claim not his art. I love the art, I don't care how inaccurate it is. I like Jurassic park dinosaurs, they remind me of bipedal monitor lizards, I like monitor lizards. but I still recognize them as inaccurate. I personally prefer gross vulture-like feathered dinosaurs, and I'm not a scientist so I don't make any claims other than "that looks cool too me"

sorry for the wall of text Sweating a little... 
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