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titans 23 variant cover

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why isn't Beast Boy on Robin's Teen titans anymore?

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They shook up both Titans teams after No Justice.

Love the action shots, this is not your typical boring team picture. Lots of life and energy!

Holy god damn wow!!!

you do amazing art!!!

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You betcha. It's literally his job. He's been in the comic industry since Witchblade was being published. It didn't surprise me when I found out he started as a colorist.

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Not familiar with this new holder of the mantle of Steel. Looks cool tho.
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Steel’s niece, Natasha Irons.
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Learn something new everyday
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Where's Starfire?
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She was on the Justice League's space team with Cyborg, Jessica Cruz, Azrael, and...Darkseid?

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i loved this Beast Boy
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If there could only be a titans cartoon with your style.
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The Titans are on the go. ^^
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I have to double check, but I think I own that one.  That is awesome by the way.
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Love the cover man, keep doing what you’re Doing.
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Very cool cover.

Esp like that variant of Garr.
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I love your art style, I wish I could draw like this
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