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thor and ironman

another quick painting this time thor and ironman in this case i went to show thor as a viking god, and less as a superhero and to skip the tools question, photoshop on a tablet pc
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Nice work! Loving this style of Thor, and amazing lightning effects as well. Well done!
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Loving the redesign on Thor! And the red undies on Stark (now that Superman isn't using them)...
You even put runes on the gold chest plates! 
Just amazing.
Very nice... this resembles his look during the Reigning (in which he was more Viking God than Superhero, funnily enough).
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The lightning showing through Thor's hand is really really well thought. Good job on smaller details!
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Yeah, that was the touch that stood out to me too!

Good job, nebezial!
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so talent, much cool!
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Pure awesomeness! :O If this doesn't say BADASS, then I don't know what does.
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why... why doesnt thors helmet look like that in the movie 
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This is amazing!!! *sorry for the fav and comments that must be building up in your messages, but I can't help it, your gallery has so many epic pictures!
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This would be the very epicness for which my desktop wallpaper was longing. Thank you!!!
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Anymore voltage from this image and my computer is going to EXPLODE!
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awesome work, you are 1st this week [link]
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EPIC AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Maybe is just a detail, but I really, really love how you have made Thor's fingers, with the lighting! *.*
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Wow. That's all I can say.
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mighty Thor is mighty
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That's awesome :3
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Metal of the gods and the metal of modern man united as one. Together they are unstoppable!!
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