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this november we raise the dead.... again

it'll be just fine
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Okay what the hell?!
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I just finished rereading my issues of Death Vigil 1-7. I hope you’re well and know you’ve got a happy fan here!

November 2020?

I absolutely love it ^^ this comic coming back, makes this year so much better ^^
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Couldn't be more psyched, dude.
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When will it be available to order or pre order for that matter?
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:clap: Yes Death Vigil!

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I'm super excited.
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Definitely going to try and get the printed version again. I keep re-reading the frist volume over and over.
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Its coming back? Yes! God how long have I prayed for this. Things do come true if you wish hard enough.

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does this look infected to anyone else?  anyone?
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Where can we get this? Is it going to be printed or just online?
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Im super excited, the cliff hanger we where left with has me itching for more!
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Oh damn! Yes please, may I have another!
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Just in time to be too late for Halloween. Lo, praise be to the lords of chaos, for nothing shall line up perfectly by happenstance :P
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Yeeeees it rises again!! Soooooooo exited!

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Did they mean to say November
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i probably did XD these days i can't type for shit XD
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