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October 25, 2013
the last of us....heh by *nebezial
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the last of us....heh

so yeah.. my wife's friend got her hooked..and prompted by the recent doug walkers series of baffled v-logs and my wife's leading... i started watching this.... and after the initial wtf phase... i started getting the show....

and then came the 2 episodes about simon and marceline and all i can say is...damn..

some of the most tragic character writing i have ever seen done is in a frigging kid's show XD
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Really great art!
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I love this picture!!!!!!!!
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you probably haven't seen Steven Universe tho.

that show's got some tragedies of its own level like AT.
Helghastslayah1's avatar
Goddamn. The feels...
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Works well with the show. *Nods*
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Its adevnture time! Done right.
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i picked the characters str8 away good job
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its so fckin funny,lol
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I'm not crying!  YOU'RE CRYING!
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awesom stuff from my fave episode to
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This reminds me of The Walking Dead and The Last of Us wrapped up into this AT setting :) great job! It looks so amazing!!! :D :D :D
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This is freaking GORGEOUS
Which episodes are the simon and marceline episodes?  I want to look them up :o
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IDK about you, but when I watched "I Remember you" after watching "Simon and Marcy".... I cried 
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Amazing!!! I really love your colors
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nice drawing
but it's not a kid's show in my opinion
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nice work. thumbs up for that. :)
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I saw this only once in Google images and loved it ever since. And now I found it again! Thanks for the wowsome work!
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Beautiful image! Keep up the great work. 
i personaly can't stand this show 90% of the time. i find it to be the flag ship of carrtoon network's failure as a family channel. this however is one of the few example's from it that i can watch. the writing on this blew me away and this picture sum's it up perfectly. 
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Well put, and they cram so much into 15 minutes
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