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thanos the c-c-c-combo breakeeer!

unplanned thanos appeared. my buddy ron was curious to see what it would look like if i doodled me a thanos... so i did

and no, i havent seen avengers XD
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goodbye universe i will truly miss you
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How long does it usually take you to create a full scene?
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well good bye half the universe, it was nice knowing you.
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SAY GOODBYE 100,000,001


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Thanos for killer instinct 3 season 3? i could dig that
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The use of color.....amazing.
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More like Back Breaker :P
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Thanos:   Fine, I'll do it myself
Can't WAIT to see him in full form in the Infinity Wars movies in 2017-18!
The stature of a true villian. AWESOME!

P.S. can you have thanos and darkseid stair at each other for an epic villian stairing contest.
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Oooh, that is awsome! Love the gauntlet glowing on the left hand. :D
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BUT SERIOUSLY, You bring a sense of gravity and verisimilitude to the stuff you draw, as if you are asking yourself "what would it take for me to take this thing seriously?" Your 'redesigns' of heroes, that I personally believe the artists and writers squander their potential, are brilliant in a way that respects not just the source material, but us the people who these things are supposed to be entertaining.
I really love the fact that in your created works you create worlds where men and women can be bad-asses of not just equal worth, but equal respect, I respect the fact that in your works, women are there not as eye candy but as mutual breakers of face and thinkers of thoughts and that your artistic representation of these men AND women reflects a future where I can put comic art on a flag and wave it above my house shouting, "yes! ALL ARE WELCOME, COOL LIVES HERE!".

It may sound weird to some for a red (or burgundy, i like burgundy) blooded man such as myself to wax philosophical about gender representation but even as a teen it annoyed me to see buff cool, well armored men with bad-ass weapons and beside them, scrawny-yet-buxom women wearing no protection on a field of war full people wielding stabby sticks acting like the blood-soaked fields of battle were a scene from playboy magazine... sigh.

beyond the gender representation you have my respect as an artist that looks like he does some damned research into his potential designs, and makes things to look cool and sensible.

Keep on keeping on brotha (if you are a man, don't wanna assume anything) or sista or sentient potted plant. you are an all time favorite.

I love your interpretation of wonder woman, thick muscled, tall warrior woman head crusher as apposed to inexplicably strong good girl art "BATTLE WAIF".

end of rant/praise, you may return to your regularly scheduled existence.
One word for him in this picture: Majestic!

I bet Darkseid himself would be jealous of that physique and style.
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are you using a texture or a special brush on the blue?
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Loki: so fucked.
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I LOVE your vision of Lord Thanos.
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excellent thanos!!!!
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