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teen titans metal cover

By nebezial
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at least i think? i don't remember which book it was for.  i'm kinda poo brained these days XD
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I'm sure that Man-Bat, Croc and Harley being on the team is described as being 'a long story'!
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its fantastic!! 
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The Titans are on the go!
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I can't be the only one who doesn't like Batgirl's new design, right?
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I dislike it myself.
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is that Beast Boy or Killer Croc in the back?
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It's one of the two Teen Titans covers. I'm pretty sure you did the other one as well cause I don't know anyone else in the industry with your style that could've done this.
Cw001 by xbsquirrel  
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Wicked cool group shot!
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Damian's pet bat monster Goliath
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screw him; Batcow is better
'cause he's a cow
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Is that a bat dragon?
You mean a big bat? Bats are already fuzzy and have claws
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I thought the art from that book looked very very familiar
Is Damian riding on top of Gar?
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I wouldn't necessarily say "Teen Titans." I'd be more inclined to figure them to be Batman's Justice-League-esque team "The Outsiders." Plus, the involvement of Harley and Croc.
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wow this is beautiful
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damians coolest pet
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