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switch issue 3

By nebezial
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i don't like being late... i reeeeally don't like being late. 

it always feels like i'm being an asshole to my readers.

so here is the deal. i have had some bad shoulder/drawing arm issues for about 32 months. it did a number on my schedules of...everything

so i just finished switch volume 3. with printing shcedule it will come out in print at some time near end of april, followed soon after by issue 4. (my arm feels much better so i'm almost back at my old pace)

but thing is... i don't want my readers to wait for that long. so here is a digital (pre edit) version. please ignore random typos 

hope you like it, and if you still wish to support the book it will be out in april.
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Why did I never know about this before!? This is freaking awesome!!
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any word on issue 4?
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FRivArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
The fourth is there? It's the fifth that was never continued.
switch issue 4 by nebezial
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jvenegasStudent Filmographer
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jvenegasStudent Filmographer
I am totally buying this thing.
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Just to be honest, That would so have been my reaction as well.
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BlackSummerDreamsStudent General Artist
This is so good! It's so much fun to read <3 Daisy excited  I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more~~ Heart Love 
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Please tell me you have a tutorial on digital color techniques.  Puh-leeeeze?
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AnamiaProfessional Filmographer
Oh, Mary is just adorable!!!!
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furoja17Hobbyist General Artist
I am soooo in love with this comic, the story, the drawings, everything is just amazing!!! You're killing me...
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Where can I buy this in Mexico?
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nekonotaishouProfessional Digital Artist
I love Mary. She accepts this crazy thing and loves just because it's alien.
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Dude. You're literally putting out your comics for free. We'd be the assholes if we uttered the slightest complain. Once I get an actual income, I'll make sure to buy some of your stuff~
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rodrigogiraoStudent Digital Artist
Your art is very good. But the way you do the speech baloons with the long squiggly tails, that's horrible!
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icyhugsHobbyist Digital Artist
The voicea in the head! Oops, did I mistook Harley Quinn as Americans's Next Witchblade Bearer cycle 23?
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LIght and dark my ass, I got an ALIEN WEAPON hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, my chest hurst hahahahahahahaha
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Thank you very much have not had the money to buy this series recently, have been very interested in it will be picking it up when i can hope you get to continue. 
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i like it soooo much!
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Deja vu at Page 7, the last panel. When I looked at Imani I saw Morpheus talking to Neo: "Do you think that's air you're breathing now?" :)
Comixology claims, this arc will see its finishing line at the end of august. But there is so much potential! I hope you are successful with this comic and can create more in the future. But so do I hope even more for Death Vigil.
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if the sales are there i'll get to carry on, i do have at least 6 arcs in mind :)
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Get. A. Patreon!
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nope. i don't work like that :)
Phoenix-God-of-Fire's avatar
that's fine. I will gradually whittle away at your patience till you get one just so i can support you ^_^

you will take my money if i keep throwing it at the screen long enough :D
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FRivArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
Or you could buy like ten issues and pass them on like a Jehova's Witness.

You can give one to me.
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